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The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Sarah Lowengard, The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe, Livro Electrónico, Columbia University Press - American Historical Association, 2006


  • Technological Tasks and Philosophical Ideas
    • Introduction
    • Cultures of Sciences, Cultures of Technology
    • Number, Order, Form
    • Expertise and Experience
    • Conclusions
  • Interactions Between Techniques and Ideas
    • Parameters of Color Quality
    • Coloration and Chemistry
    • Sources, Materials, Techniques
  • Details of Products and Production
    • Verbal Sources
    • Object Sources
    • Printed Sources
    • Institutionalizing Practices Through Print
    • Order in Publication
    • Words for Color
    • Constant de Massoul
    • Mauclerc
    • Pfannenschmid
    • Vincent de Montpetit
    • Gautier d'Agoty
    • Le Blon
    • Neilson, Quemiset, and Homassel
    • Palmer
    • Quintessential Blues
    • Turkey Red
    • Varnish
    • Cudbear and Pompadour
    • Gonin
    • Peckitt and Berg
    • Pont
    • Prussian Blue
    • Purple of Cassius
    • Saxon Blue and Saxon Green
    • Painted and Stained Glass
    • Painted Fabric
    • Printed Fabric
    • Hand-Colored Engraving
    • Porcelain Plaque
    • Oil Painting
    • References to Encaustic Painting
    • Cobalt Refining
    • Gonin's Work Schedule
    • Blue from Ultramarine
    • Mayer's Color Algebra
    • Treatises of Watin and Mauclerc
    • Schiffermuller's Color Table
    • Sections of the Supplément
    • Lichtenberg on Mayer's Triangle
    • Werner's Color System

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