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Análise de superfícies e interfaces na área do património cultural

O volume 43, n.º 8, de 2011, da revista Surface and Interface Analysis, que acabou de ser publicado, é um número temático dedicado a: Surface and Interface Analysis in Cultural Heritage.

A revista está disponível aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • Marie-laure Abel, Surface and Interface Analysis in Cultural Heritage, p. 1099-1099
  • Ernesto Paparazzo, Ancient surfaces in thought and reality, pp. 1100-1107
  • Antonio Tognazzi, Arduino Massimo Dattilo, Luca Bracchini, Marianna Aggravi, Francesca Benetti, Edoardo Mugnaini, Agnese Magnani, Claudio Rossi, ToF-SIMS investigation of ancient ceramics from the Quartaia Site, Tuscany (Italy), pp. 1108-1119
  • Luca Lozzi, Pietro Picozzi, Nicola Zema, Cesare Grazioli, Alison Crossley, Peter Northover, Salvatore La Rosa, Ernesto Paparazzo, A multitechnique study of archaeological bronzes: part II, pp. 1120-1127
  • Pavel Lejcek, Viera Gärtnerová, Aleš Jäger, Jaroslava Vanícková, Jirí Ded, Jakub Haloda, Crystallographic aspects of intergranular failure of archaeological silver artefacts, pp. 1128-1133
  • Crina Anca Sandu, M. Helena De Sá, M. Costa Pereira, Ancient ‘gilded’ art objects from European cultural heritage: a review on different scales of characterization, pp. 1134-1151
  • Antonio Tognazzi, Roberta Lapucci, Silvia Martini, Gemma Leone, Agnese Magnani, Claudio Rossi, TOF-SIMS characterization of pigments and binders in ‘the Martyrdom of St. Catherine’, in Zejtun (Malta), pp. 1152-1159
  • M. H. De Sá, Peter Eaton, Joana L. Ferreira, M. J. Melo, Ana M. Ramos, Ageing of vinyl emulsion paints—an atomic force microscopy study, pp. 1160-1164
  • M. H. De Sá, Joana L. Ferreira, M. J. Melo, Ana M. Ramos, An AFM contribution to the understanding of surface effects caused by ageing and cleaning on acrylic glass. The Shadows by Lourdes Castro, a case study, pp. 1165-1170
  • C. A Sandu, T. Busani, M. H. De Sá, The surface behavior of gilding layer imitations on polychrome artefacts of cultural heritage, pp. 1171-1181
  • A. El-midany, M. K. Khallaf, S. E. El-mofty, Characterization of silicone coating for archeological stone conservation, pp. 1182-1188

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 12, n.º 3, 2011

Foi há pouco publicada a revista Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 12, n.º 3, de 2011.

Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • Athanasios D. Styliadis, Lazaros A. Sechidis, Photography-based façade recovery & 3-d modeling: A CAD application in Cultural Heritage, pp. 243-252
  • Luigi Barazzetti, Luigia Binda, Marco Scaioni, Paolo Taranto, Photogrammetric survey of complex geometries with low-cost software: Application to the [`]G1' temple in Myson, Vietnam, pp. 253-262
  • Dimitris Kaimaris, Olga Georgoula, Petros Patias, Eustratios Stylianidis, Comparative analysis on the archaeological content of imagery from Google Earth, pp. 263-269
  • Montserrat Jiménez-Sánchez, María José Domínguez-Cuesta, Arantza Aranburu, E. Martos, Quantitative indexes based on geomorphologic features: A tool for evaluating human impact on natural and cultural heritage in caves, pp. 270-278
  • Beatriz Prieto, Patricia Sanmartín, Lucía Pereira-Pardo, Benita Silva, Recovery of the traditional colours of painted woodwork in the Historical Centre of Lugo (NW Spain), pp. 279-286
  • Laura Pecchioli, Marcello Carrozzino, Fawzi Mohamed, Massimo Bergamasco, Thomas H. Kolbe, ISEE: Information access through the navigation of a 3D interactive environment, pp. 287-294
  • Ilaria Degano, Jeannette J. Lucejko, Maria Perla Colombini, The unprecedented identification of Safflower dyestuff in a 16th century tapestry through the application of a new reliable diagnostic procedure, pp. 295-299
  • P. Morer, I. de Arteaga, J. Armesto, P. Arias, Comparative structural analyses of masonry bridges: An application to the Cernadela Bridge, pp. 300-309
  • Maria Pilar Luxán, Jose Luis Prada, Fernando Dorrego, Juan Fernando Dorrego, Human bone ashes found in the Dama de Elche (V-IV century B.C.) reveal its use as an ancient cinerary urn, pp. 310-316
  • Khaled Al-Bashaireh, Provenance of marbles from the octagonal building at Gadara "Umm-Qais", Northern Jordan, pp. 317-322
  • Matteo Fratini, Massimiliano Pieraccini, Carlo Atzeni, Michele Betti, Gianni Bartoli, Assessment of vibration reduction on the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence (Italy) after vehicular traffic block, pp. 323-328
  • Erika J. Techera, Safeguarding cultural heritage: Law and policy in Fiji, pp. 329-334

Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 2, 2011

Durante o mês de Agosto foi publicada pelo IIC a revista Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 2, de 2011.


  • Sabine Cotte, Conservation of Thangkas: A Review of the Literature since the 1970s, pp. 81-93
  • Emily Nieder, Ella Hendriks, Aviva Burnstock, Colour Change in Sample Reconstructions of Vincent van Gogh's Grounds due to Wax-Resin Lining, pp. 94-103
  • C. Richard Johnson, Don H. Johnson, Naoto Hamashima, Heui Sung Yang, Ella Hendriks, On the Utility of Spectral-Maximum-Based Automated Thread Counting from X-Radiographs of Paintings on Canvas, pp. 104-114
  • Elizabeth West FitzHugh, Marco Leona, Nobuko Shibayama, Pigments in a Paint Box Belonging to Whistler in the Library of Congress, pp. 115-124
  • Mattias Legnér, On the Early History of Museum Environment Control: National Museum and Gripsholm Castle in Sweden, pp. 125-137
  • Sheng Wang, Lingdong Kong, Zhisheng An, Jianmin Chen, Laimin Wu, Xinguang Zhou, An Improved Oddy Test Using Metal Films, pp. 136-153
  • Xiao-dong Wang, Wei Wang, Digital Modeling and Virtual Restoration of a Giant Iron Statue of a Lion in China (AD 953), pp. 154-160

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International Journal of Conservation Science, vol. 2, n.º 3, 2011

Acabou de ser publicada a revista International Journal of Conservation Science, vol. 2, n.º 3, de 2011.

Está livremente disponível aqui.


  • H. Marey Mahmoud, N. Kantiranis, M. Ali, J. Stratis, Characterization of Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings, the Excavations of Cairo University at Saqqara, pp. 145-154
  • H. E. Ahmed, Strategy for Preservation of Ptolemaic Wrapped Mummy’s Linen in Tuna el -Gebel Excavation, Egypt: A Case Study, pp. 155-164
  • R. A. Bernal, A. Valente, J. Pissarra, Wood Identification of 18th Century Furniture. Interpreting Wood Naming Inventoires, pp. 165-178
  • Emandi, M. Iovea, O. G. Duliu, A. Emandi, X-Ray Radiographic Study of some Panel Painting Icons from the Beginning of the XX Century, pp. 179-183

Restaurator, vol. 32, n.º 3, 2011

Acabou de ser publicada a revista Restaurator, volume 32, n.º 3, de 2011.


  • Kyujin Ahn, Ute Henniges, Agnes Blüher, Gerhard Banik, Antje Potthast, Sustainability of Mass Deacidification. Part I: Concept, Selection of Sample Books and pH-Determination, pp. 193-222
  • Joanna Karbowska-Berent, Tomasz Kozielec, Joanna Jarmilko, Bogumil Brycki, Possible Application of Quaternary Ammonium Salts for Disinfection of Paper Based Objects, pp. 223-246
  • Giovanna Poggi, Piero Baglioni, Rodorico Giorgi, Alkaline Earth Hydroxide Nanoparticles for the Inhibition of Metal Gall Ink Corrosion, pp. 247-273