quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 2, 2011

Durante o mês de Agosto foi publicada pelo IIC a revista Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 2, de 2011.


  • Sabine Cotte, Conservation of Thangkas: A Review of the Literature since the 1970s, pp. 81-93
  • Emily Nieder, Ella Hendriks, Aviva Burnstock, Colour Change in Sample Reconstructions of Vincent van Gogh's Grounds due to Wax-Resin Lining, pp. 94-103
  • C. Richard Johnson, Don H. Johnson, Naoto Hamashima, Heui Sung Yang, Ella Hendriks, On the Utility of Spectral-Maximum-Based Automated Thread Counting from X-Radiographs of Paintings on Canvas, pp. 104-114
  • Elizabeth West FitzHugh, Marco Leona, Nobuko Shibayama, Pigments in a Paint Box Belonging to Whistler in the Library of Congress, pp. 115-124
  • Mattias Legnér, On the Early History of Museum Environment Control: National Museum and Gripsholm Castle in Sweden, pp. 125-137
  • Sheng Wang, Lingdong Kong, Zhisheng An, Jianmin Chen, Laimin Wu, Xinguang Zhou, An Improved Oddy Test Using Metal Films, pp. 136-153
  • Xiao-dong Wang, Wei Wang, Digital Modeling and Virtual Restoration of a Giant Iron Statue of a Lion in China (AD 953), pp. 154-160