quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2007

Making Renaissance Art

Kim W. Woods (ed.), Making Renaissance Art, New Haven-London, Yale University Press - The Open University, 2007

Da introdução:

This book is indebted to the materials and techniques approach and it does include some quite detailed analysis of technical procedures, but it is not primarily a book on technical processes. Nor is it narrowly concerned with authorship or workshop practice, though it touches on these issues as well. The stance on ‘making’ taken here is more elusive and wider ranging, and it includes taking a fresh look at priorities and values in the making of Renaissance art, reviewing some common assumptions that live on even though they have faced challenge for decades within the academic world.


  • Kim W. Woods, Introduction
  • Catherine King, Drawing and workshop practices,
  • Carol M. Richardson, Construction space in Renaissance painting
  • Kim W. Woods, The illusion of life in fifteenth-century sculpture
  • Tim Benton, Architecture: theory and practice
  • Diana Norman, Making Renaissance altarpieces
  • Catherine King, Making histories, publishing theories