segunda-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2007

Studies in Conservation, volume 51, n.º 3, 2006

Acabou de ser distribuído o 3.º fascículo de 2006 dos Studies in Conservation. Segue o índice:

  • Carolina Cardell-Fernández and Carmen Navarrete-Aguilera, Pigment and plasterwork analyses of Nasrid polychromed lacework stucco in the Alhambra (Granada, Spain)
  • Sara Pavía and Susana Caro, Origin of films on monumental stone
  • Debra Carr, Brian Niven and Lynn Campbell, Effects of selected aqueous treatments on the properties of two papers
  • Lu Allington, Investigation into the deterioration of palaeontological specimens stored in glycerol
  • Paul Garside and Paul Wyeth, Identification of cellulosic fibres by FTIR spectroscopy: differentiation of flax and hemp by polarized ATR FTIR
  • Geert van der Snickt, Olivier Schalm, Joost Caen, Koen Janssens and Manfred Schreiner, Blue enamel on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century window glass: deterioration, microstructure, composition and preparation
  • Iva Rezic, Dragica Krstic and Ljerka Bokic, A note on the determination of the binder composition on an historic painted textile