sábado, 13 de janeiro de 2007

Treatise of photography on collodion

Charles Waldack, Peter Neff, Jr., Treatise of photography on collodion, 2nd edition, Cincinnati, Longley Brothers, 1858

In presenting the following pages to the public, it is from no egotistic belief on our part that our processes are infallibly the best, nor that the tone and perfection of our own practical results are the finest; but we are prompted by altogether different feelings.

The motives which have induced us to undertake this labor and work are those which embrace the general good and instruction of all artists.

Works upon this subject are in some respects deficient, by not combining practical details with the chemistry of Photography. We do not say how far we have succeeded in our aims, but we have endeavored to familiarize the subject to the understanding of the poorest operator, and still prove beneficial to the most skillful.

In the chemistry of the subject, we have used such language as will be understood, and yet be free from its nomenclature. It is designed to make the operator practically acquainted with the nature and relations of the salts, acids, solvents, and solutions which he employs; so that his operating room shall become a, little laboratory, wherein he shall understandingly prepare his chemicals, and when not in working order, correct them.

The work is the result of long practical acquaintance with the subject of patient investigation and experiment; and it is hoped that it may supply a want which is seriously felt by the great class of Photographers.

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