quarta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2007

Genuine and Counterfeit

Max J. Friedländer, Genuine and Counterfeit. Experiences of a Connoisseur, New York, Albert & Charles Boni, 1930, 109 pp.


Eight articles, five of which have come out in the magazine "Kunst und Kunstler," (Art and Artist) appear here bundled together as a book and with a title. Although having different points of departure, they belong together, all of them centering around the question of genuineness.

The harassed reader may wonder that I, at times, make so much ado about language. I ask him to reflect that the only bridge between us is one of words. Moreover, in looking at a thing, we measure what we see in concepts, and concepts can be expressed in words only. Our language is an heritage which we must earn in order to possess; we only get beyond our forefathers when we extend and shift the track of words on which the concepts roll along.


  • Concerning the opinion of experts
  • On the restoring of old pictures
  • The forgery of old pictures
  • The pictorial and the picturesque
  • Form and color
  • Originality
  • Style and manner
  • Development and influence

O livro está disponível integralmente aqui.