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Painted Wood: History and Conservation

A acrescentar aos livros já referidos (aqui e aqui) publicados pelo Getty Conservation Institute integralmente disponíveis online:

Valerie Dorge, F. Carey Howlett (ed.), Painted Wood: History and Conservation, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, 1998.


Understanding and Identifying Materials

  • R. Bruce Hoadley, Wood as a Physical Surface for Paint Application
  • David Erhardt, Paints Based on Drying-Oil Media
  • Richard Newman, Tempera and Other Nondrying-Oil Media
  • James S. Martin, Microscopic Examination and Analysis of the Structure and Composition of Paint and Varnish Layers

Historical Perspectives

  • Myriam Serck-Dewaide, Support and Polychromy of Altarpieces from Brussels, Mechlin, and Antwerp. Study, Comparison, and Restoration
  • Nancie C. Ravenel, Painted Italian Picture Frames in the Samuel H. Kress Foundation Collection at the National Gallery of Art
  • Ian C. Bristow, The Imitation of Natural Materials in Architectural Interiors
  • James Yorke, Royal Painted Furniture in King Charles I’s England
  • Elizabeth White, Perished Perches: The Evidence for English Painted Wooden Furniture in Eighteenth-Century Gardens
  • Susan L. Buck, Shaker Painted Furniture Provocative Insights into Shaker Paints and Painting Techniques

Historical Materials and Techniques

  • Hans Portsteffen, Form and Polychromy: Two Different Concepts in One Object. Notes on Seventeenth-Century Sculpture Workshop Practices in Bavaria
  • Renate Gold, Reconstruction and Analysis of Bismuth Painting
  • Margaret J. Ballardie, Japanning in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Europe. A Brief Discussion of Some Materials and Methods
  • Laurence Libin, Painted Harpsichords
  • Frances Gruber Safford, Floral Painting on Early Eighteenth-Century American Furniture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Luiz A. C. Souza, Cristina Avila, Chinese Motifs in the Baroque Art of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Historical and Technical Aspects<I></I>
  • Chris A. Shelton, A Short Primer on the White-Painted Furnishings of Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
  • Jonathan Thornton, The Use of Dyes and Colored Varnishes in Wood Polychromy
  • Robert D. Mussey Jr, Verte Antique Decoration on American Furniture. History, Materials, Techniques, Technical Investigations
  • Nancy N. Odegaard, An Investigation of the Nature of Paint on Wood Objects in the Indigenous Southwest of North America
  • Mark A. Harpainter, Christopher C. Augerson, The Painted Furniture and Wooden Decorative Arts of Lucia and Arthur Mathews

Investigations and Treatment

  • Michele D. Marincola, Jack Soultanian, Monochromy, Polychromy, and Authenticity. The Cloisters’ Standing Bishop Attributed to Tilman Riemenschneider
  • Anna C. Hulbert, Conservation of the Fourteenth-Century Ceiling at Saint Helen’s Church, Abingdon
  • Claude Payer, Marie-Claude Corbeil, Colombe Harvey, Elizabeth Moffatt, The Interior Decor of the Ursuline Chapel in Quebec City. Research and Conservation
  • Elizabeth Howard Schmidt, The Painted Tester Bedstead at Agecroft Hall
  • Marianne Webb, Four Japanned Cabinets: A Variety of Techniques
  • Andrea M. Gilmore, The Hunnewell Cottage. Preservation and Re-creation of a Nineteenth-Century Exterior Paint Scheme
  • Marc A. Williams, Merri M. Ferrell, Jennifer Baker, Technology and Conservation of Decorative Surface Systems of Horse-Drawn Vehicles
  • Merri M. Ferrell, The Importance of Conservation to Research: A Case Study
  • Stephen L. Ray, Julie A. Reilly, The Treatment of Painted Wooden Folk Art
  • Rick H. Parker, Peter L. Sixbey, Jeffrey: Horse of a Different Color

Ethical Considerations

  • Andrew Todd, Painted Memory, Painted Totems
  • Wendy Hartman Samet, The Philosophy of Aesthetic Reintegration: Paintings and Painted Furniture
  • Valerie Reich Hunt, Conservation of Folk Art: Shelburne Museum’s Collection and Approach
  • Lynne Dakin Hastings, Deborah Bigelow, Collaborations Past and Present: A Classical Success Story
  • Deborah S. Gordon, Applied Aesthetics: Restoring the Original Cornice Decoration at Olana

Scientific Research

  • Marion F. Mecklenberg, Charles S. Tumosa, David Erhardt, Structural Response of Painted Wood Surfaces to Changes in Ambient Relative Humidity
  • Eric F. Hansen, Mitchell Hearns Bishop, Factors Affecting the Re-Treatment of Previously Consolidated Matte Painted Wooden Objects
  • Stefan Michalski, Carole Dignard, Lori van Handel, David Arnold, The Ultrasonic Mister Applications in the Consolidation of Powdery Paint on Wooden Artifacts
  • Richard C. Wolbers, Mary McGinn, Deborah Duerbeck, Poly(2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline): A New Conservation Consolidant

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