quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2007

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 8, n.º 1, 2007

Acabou de ser publicado o 1.º de número de 2007 do Journal of Cultural Heritage.


  • Costanza Miliani, Melanie L. Velo-Simpson, George W. Scherer, Particle-modified consolidants: A study on the effect of particles on sol-gel properties and consolidation effectiveness, pp. 1-6
  • Zoya Spolnik, Anna Worobiec, Lucyna Samek, Laszlo Bencs, Konstantin Belikov, Rene Van Grieken, Influence of different types of heating systems on particulate air pollutant deposition: The case of churches situated in a cold climate, pp. 7-12
  • E. Fiorin, P. A. Vigato, Teodelinda's tales at Monza Cathedral: A physico-chemical diagnosis of the pictorial cycle, pp. 13-25
  • Anestis Koutsoudis, Fotis Arnaoutoglou, Christodoulos Chamzas, On 3D reconstruction of the old city of Xanthi. A minimum budget approach to virtual touring based on photogrammetry, pp. 26-31
  • J. Delgado Rodrigues, A. Grossi, Indicators and ratings for the compatibility assessment of conservation actions, pp. 32-43
  • Kirsten Linnow, Lieve Halsberghe, Michael Steiger, Analysis of calcium acetate efflorescences formed on ceramic tiles in a museum environment, pp. 44-52
  • Nicola Masini, Rosa Lasaponara, Investigating the spectral capability of QuickBird data to detect archaeological remains buried under vegetated and not vegetated areas, pp. 53-60
  • Ilaria Nardini, Elisabetta Zendri, Guido Biscontin, Sara Riato, Composition and technology of historical stuccoes coming from Grimani Palace in Venice (Italy), pp. 61-64
  • Ilaria Borgia, Brunetto Giovanni Brunetti, Costanza Miliani, Camilla Ricci, Claudio Seccaroni, Antonio Sgamellotti, The combined use of lead-tin yellow type I and II on a canvas painting by Pietro Perugino, pp. 65-68
  • Andreas Tsakalof, Panagiotis Manoudis, Ioannis Karapanagiotis, Ioannis Chryssoulakis, Costas Panayiotou, Assessment of synthetic polymeric coatings for the protection and preservation of stone monuments, pp. 69-72
  • Donatella Barilaro, Caterina Branca, Stefano Gresta, Sebastiano Imposa, Antonio Leone, Domenico Majolino, Ground penetrating radar (G.P.R.) surveys applied to the research of crypts in San Sebastiano's church in Catania (Sicily), pp. 73-76
  • F. Sdao, V. Simeone, Mass movements affecting Goddess Mefitis sanctuary in Rossano di Vaglio (Basilicata, southern Italy), pp. 77-80
  • Michael Walsh, The Re-emergence of The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste in the Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus, pp. 81-86
  • Francisco Garcia Garcia, Manuel Ramirez Blanco, Isabel Rodriguez Abad, Rosa Martinez Sala, Isabel Tort Ausina, Javier Benlloch Marco, Jose Luis Montalva Conesa, GPR technique as a tool for cultural heritage restoration: San Miguel de los Reyes Hieronymite Monastery, 16th century (Valencia, Spain), pp. 87-92
  • George Pavlidis, Anestis Koutsoudis, Fotis Arnaoutoglou, Vassilios Tsioukas, Christodoulos Chamzas, Methods for 3D digitization of Cultural Heritage, pp. 93-98

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