sábado, 3 de março de 2007

Permanence and Care of Color Photographs

Henry Wilhelm, The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Color Negatives, Slides, and Motion Pictures, Grinnel, Preservation Publishing Company, 1993


  • Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Color Negatives, and Color Slides
  • Accelerated Tests for Measuring Light Fading, Dark Fading and Yellowish Stain Formation in Color Prints and Films
  • Light Fading Stability of Displayed Color Prints
  • Dark Fading and Yellowish Staining of Color Prints, Transparencies, and Negatives
  • Projector-Caused Fading of 35mm Color Slides
  • Monitoring the Long-Term Fading and Staining of Color Photographs in Museum and Archive Collections
  • Color Print Fading and the Professional Portrait and Wedding Photographer – What to Do About a Troubling Situation
  • The Permanent Preservation of Color Motion Pictures
  • The Extraordinarily Stable Technicolor Dye-Imbibition
  • Print Mounting Adhesives and Techniques, Tapes, Rubber Stamps
  • The Handling, Presentation, and Conservation Matting of Photographs
  • Composition, pH, Testing, and Light Fading Stability of Mount Boards and Other Paper Products Used with Photographs
  • Envelopes and Sleeves for Films and Prints
  • Framing Materials, Storage Boxes, Portfolio Cases, Albums, Cabinets, and Shelves
  • The Storage Environment for Photographs: Relative Humidity, Temperature, Air Pollution, Dust, and the Prevention of Fungus
  • Display and Illumination of Color and Black-and-White Prints
  • Handling and Preservation of Color Slide Collections
  • Frost-Free Refrigerators for Storing Color and Black-and-White Films and Prints
  • Large-Scale, Humidity-Controlled Cold Storage Facilities for the Permanent Preservation of B&W and Color Films, Prints, and Motion Pictures

O livro está integralmente disponível aqui.

(Contribuição de Miguel Laiginha Lourenço, a quem agradeço.)