domingo, 13 de maio de 2007

As cores, o que significam e como as obter

Acabou de ser publicado:

Anne Varichon, Colors. What they mean and how to make them, New York, Abrams, 2006.



  • Creation myths
  • A celestial whiteness
  • The pilgrim’s white habit
  • Milk white
  • Passages
  • Gray hair, the shroud, and beyond
  • The overwhelming desire for white


  • Numerous yellow pigments
  • A profusion of yellow dyes
  • With a color ranging from honey to sulphur
  • A slow rehabilitation


  • The redness of fertility
  • Protective red
  • The red of battle
  • Red privilege
  • The red of gods
  • Red an death


  • Purple
  • Violet textiles made without murex
  • Violets in art


  • A blue planet?
  • Where blue is rare!
  • The mystery of the blue vats
  • Blue dread
  • The triumphant destiny of blue in the west


  • Blue, the yellow
  • Is the grass always green?
  • From power to a cruel destiny
  • Green’s slow redemption in the west

Brown and black

  • The edges, limbo, spirits, and death
  • Painting the darkness
  • Black ink
  • The difficulty of black dyes
  • Black on the skin