quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2007

Studies in Conservation, vol. 52, n.º 1, 2007

Está em distribuição o 1.º número do volume 52, respeitante a 2007, dos Studies in Conservation.


  • Sabine Cotte, An evaluation of the role of semi-transparent relining in the conservation of Thangka paintings
  • Vincent Daniels, Analyses of copper- and beeswax-containing green paint on Egyptian antiquities
  • Athanasios Velios, John Harrison, Digital reconstruction of fragmented archaeological objects
  • Mara Camaiti, Cinzia Casieri, Francesco De Luca, Paola Fantazzini, Camilla Terenzi, The use of a portable single-sided relaxometry and laboratory imaging NMR devices in stone conservation
  • Ulrich Schnell, Poul Jensen, Determination of maximum freeze drying temperature for PEG-impregnated archaeological wood
  • David A. Scott, Michele R. Derrick, Deterioration of cadmium-coated instruments in museum storage