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e-Preservation Science

e-Preservation Science é uma revista dedicada às ciências da conservação que começou a ser publicada em 2004. Com periodicidade anual, é distribuída através da internet. É de acesso livre e está disponível em


Segue o índice dos volumes já publicados:

  • Volume 1, 2004
    • Hannelore Römich, Evaluation of protective glazing systems, pp. 1-8
    • Ivan De Ryck, Annemie Adriaens, Patrick Storme, Freddy Adams, The tin mercury inlay of a cabinet manufactured by Hendrik van Soest: A case study, pp. 9-14
    • Vladan Desnica, Krešimir Furic, Manfred Schreiner, Multianalytical characterisation of a variety of ultramarine pigments, pp. 15-21
    • Alex von Bohlen, Total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry - A versatile tool for ultra-micro analysis of objects of cultural heritage, pp. 23-34
    • Matija Strlic, Jana Kolar, Drago Kocar, Tjaša Drnovšek, Vid-Simon Šelih, Robert Susic, Boris Pihlar, What is the pH of alkaline paper?, p. 35
  • Volume 2, 2005
    • Joanna Lojewska, A. Lubanska, Tomasz Lojewski, Pavel Miskowiec, Leonard Marian Proniewicz, Kinetic approach to degradation of paper. In situ FTIR transmission studies on hydrolysis and oxidation, pp. 1-12
    • Jasna Malešic, Jana Kolar, Matija Strlic, Slovenko Polanc, The use of halides for stabilisation of iron gall ink containing paper - the pronounced effect of cation, pp. 13-18
    • Mihaela Carmen Popescu, Yusaku Sakata, Cristina Maria Popescu, Akioshi Osaka, Cornelia Vasile, Degradation of lime wood painting supports, pp. 19-29
    • Craig J. Kennedy, Karin von Lerber, Tim J. Wess, Measuring crystallinity of laser-cleaned silk by X-ray diffraction, p. 31-37
  • Volume 3, 2006
    • Andrzej Baranski, J. M. Lagan, Tomasz Lojewski, The concept of mixed-control mechanisms and its applicability to paper degradation studies, pp. 1-4
    • Yeghis Keheyan, L. Giulianelli, Identification of historical ink ingredients using pyrolysis-GC-MS. A model study, pp. 6-10
    • Ulla Knuutinen, Paivi Kyllonen, Two case studies of unsaturated polyester composite art objects, pp. 11-19
    • Laura Rampazzi, Roberto Bugini, St. Lorenzo basilica in Milan: Integral approach to characterization of historical mortars, pp. 21-26
    • Y. Zidan, T. Handoussa, H. Hosni, Hadidi, N. M. N. El, The conservation of a wooden Graeco-Roman coffin box, pp. 27-33
    • G. J. Brooke, The Historical Documents at the John Rylands University Library: The Reed Dead Sea Scrolls Collection, pp. 35-40
    • Beatrice Marino, Jaap J. Boon, Ella Hendriks, François Horréard, François Hillion, Imaging TOF-SIMS and NANOSIMS studies of barite-celestite particles in grounds from paintings by Van Gogh, pp. 41-50
    • Vivi Tornari, Optical and digital holographic interferometry applied in art conservation structural diagnosis, pp. 51-57
    • V. Bukovský, M. Trnková, I. Kuka, A. Marková, M. Maršala, Paper puncture tester: a new instrument for facile evaluation of paper strength, pp. 58-62
    • Worobiec, E. A. Stefaniak, V. Kontzova, L. Samek, P. Karaszkiewicz, K. Van Meel, R. Van Grieken, Characterisation of individual atmospheric particles within the royal museum of the Wawel castle in Cracow, Poland, pp. 63-68
    • S. Katušcak, M. Polovka, M. Vrska, R. Tino, M. Jablonsky, The effect of paper degradation on uncertainty of determination of initial lignin content, p. 63-72
  • Volume 4, 2007
    • Paul Garside, Sonia O'Connor, Assessing the risks of radiographing culturally significant textiles, p. 1-8
    • Ira Rabin, George Brooke, John Hodgson, Manolis Pantos, John Prag, The Ronald Reed archive at the John Rylands University Library, pp. 9-12
    • Paolo Calvino, Stefano Vassalo, Computer-Assisted Infrared Analysis of Heterogeneous Works of Art, pp. 13-17