quinta-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2007

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 8, n.º 4, 2007

Foi publicado o último número de 2007 do Journal of Cultural Heritage.


  • Veerle Cnudde, Manuel Dierick, Jelle Vlassenbroeck, Bert Masschaele, Eberhard Lehmann, Patric Jacobs, Luc Van Hoorebeke, Determination of the impregnation depth of siloxanes and ethylsilicates in porous material by neutron radiography, pp. 331-338
  • Klementina Mozina, Marjeta Cernic, Andrej Demsar, Non-destructive methods for chemical, optical, colorimetric and typographic characterisation of a reprint, pp. 339-349
  • Maria Pia Riccardi, Marco Lezzerini, Federico Caro, Marco Franzini, Bruno Messiga, Microtextural and microchemical studies of hydraulic ancient mortars: Two analytical approaches to understand pre-industrial technology processes, pp. 350-360
  • Lucyna Samek, Anna De Maeyer-Worobiec, Zoya Spolnik, Laszlo Bencs, Velichka Kontozova, Lukasz Bratasz, Roman Kozlowski, Rene Van Grieken, The impact of electric overhead radiant heating on the indoor environment of historic churches, pp. 361-369
  • Carla Balocco, Daily natural heat convection in a historical hall, pp. 370-376
  • David Hradil, Tomas Grygar, Janka Hradilova, Petr Bezdicka, Veronika Grunwaldova, Igor Fogas, Costanza Miliani, Microanalytical identification of Pb-Sb-Sn yellow pigment in historical European paintings and its differentiation from lead tin and Naples yellows, pp. 377-386
  • Camilla Ricci, Simon Bloxham, Sergei G. Kazarian, ATR-FTIR imaging of albumen photographic prints, pp. 387-395
  • Elise Meyer, Pierre Grussenmeyer, Jean-Pierre Perrin, Anne Durand, Pierre Drap, A web information system for the management and the dissemination of Cultural Heritage data, pp. 396-411
  • Umberto Casellato, Federica Fenzi, Maria Pia Riccardi, Gabriele Rossi Osmida, Pietro Alessandro Vigato, Physico-chemical and mineralogical study of ceramic findings from Mary City - Turkmenistan, pp. 412-422
  • Naci Yastikli, Documentation of cultural heritage using digital photogrammetry and laser scanning, pp. 423-427
  • H. M. Yilmaz, M. Yakar, S. A. Gulec, O. N. Dulgerler, Importance of digital close-range photogrammetry in documentation of cultural heritage, pp. 428-433
  • Mirco Vantaggi, Angela Baldanza, Alberto Renzulli, Patrizia Santi, Mario Luni, Laura Bonomi, Archaeometric and geological constraints for the provenance of carbonatic breccias used in monumental works along the Flaminia Consular Road (Umbria-Marche, Central Italy), pp. 434-444

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