quinta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2008

A caracterização dos materiais e a conservação e restauro do património edificado

O número duplo 11-12 do volume 58, de 2007, da revista Materials Characterization publica as comunicações apresentadas no 10th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials (EMABM) que decorreu em Paisley, na Escócia, em 2005.

Todos os artigos, ou quase todos, têm interesse para a conservação e restauro do património edificado.

Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • John J. Hughes, Special Issue 31: 10th Euroseminar on Microscopy Applied to Building Materials (EMABM), p. 1041
  • J. Weber, S. Beseler, K. Sterflinger, Thin-section microscopy of decayed crystalline marble from the garden sculptures of Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, pp. 1042-1051
  • Veerle Bams, Stijn Dewaele, Staining of white marble, pp. 1052-1062
  • Moropoulou, E. T. Delegou, V. Vlahakis, E. Karaviti, Digital processing of SEM images for the assessment of evaluation indexes of cleaning interventions on Pentelic marble surfaces, pp. 1063-1069
  • Roland Dreesen, Peter Nielsen, David Lagrou, The staining of blue stone limestones petrographically unraveled, pp. 1070-1081
  • Jens Gotze, Heiner Siedel, A complex investigation of building sandstones from Saxony (Germany), pp. 1082-1094
  • Joan A. Walsh, The use of the scanning electron microscope in the determination of the mineral composition of Ballachulish slate, pp. 1095-1103
  • Per Storemyr, Patrick Degryse, James F. King, A black tournai "marble" tombslab from Belgium imported to Trondheim (Norway) in the 12th century: Provenance determination based on geological, stylistic and historical evidence, pp. 1104-1118
  • Vazquez-Calvo, M. Alvarez de Buergo, R. Fort, M. J. Varas, Characterization of patinas by means of microscopic techniques, pp. 1119-1132
  • Tinkara Kopar, Vilma Ducman, Low-vacuum SEM analyses of ceramic tiles with emphasis on glaze defects characterisation, pp. 1133-1137
  • Sever Skapin, P. Ropret, P. Bukovec, Determination of pigments in colour layers on walls of some selected historical buildings using optical and scanning electron microscopy, pp. 1138-1147
  • P. Ropret, R. Zoubek, A. Sever Skapin, P. Bukovec, Effects of ageing on different binders for retouching and on some binder-pigment combinations used for restoration of wall paintings, pp. 1148-1159
  • Isabel Fernandes, Fernando Noronha, Madalena Teles, Examination of the concrete from an old Portuguese dam: Texture and composition of alkali-silica gel, pp. 1160-1170
  • Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans, Failure of greenstone, jasper and cataclasite aggregate in bituminous concrete due to studded tyres: Similarities and differences, pp. 1171-1182
  • J. E. Lindqvist, U. Akesson, K. Malaga, Microstructure and functional properties of rock materials, pp. 1183-1188
  • Wenzhong Zhu, John J. Hughes, Nenad Bicanic, Chris J. Pearce, Nanoindentation mapping of mechanical properties of cement paste and natural rocks, pp. 1189-1198
  • Blaeuer, A. Kueng, Examples of microscopic analysis of historic mortars by means of polarising light microscopy of dispersions and thin sections, pp. 1199-1207
  • L. Velosa, J. Coroado, M. R. Veiga, F. Rocha, Characterisation of roman mortars from Conimbriga with respect to their repair, pp. 1208-1216
  • J. Weber, N. Gadermayr, R. Kozlowski, D. Mucha, D. Hughes, D. Jaglin, W. Schwarz, Microstructure and mineral composition of Roman cements produced at defined calcination conditions, pp. 1217-1228
  • C. Zamba, M. G. Stamatakis, F. A. Cooper, P. G. Themelis, C. G. Zambas, Characterization of mortars used for the construction of Saithidai Heroon Podium (1st century AD) in ancient Messene, Peloponnesus, Greece, pp. 1229-1239