terça-feira, 4 de março de 2008

Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation Conferences

Desde a sua fundação, em 1984, a Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation tem anualmente organizado conferências onde os alunos podem apresentar as pesquisas que efectuaram.

A associação foi fundada pelas organizações seguintes:

  • Buffalo State College, State University of New York, Art Conservation Department;
  • Harvard University Art Museums, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies;
  • New York University, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts;
  • Queen’s University, Art Conservation Program;
  • Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation;
  • The University of Texas at Austin, School of Information, Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record

As comunicações apresentadas em 2005, 2006 e 2007 estão livremente disponíveis aqui.

Índice das comunicações de 2005:

  • Brian Baade, Collaborative Efforts for Paint Analysis: Two Opportunities for Technical Examination of Major Works in Tandem With Outside Institutions
  • Natasha Loeblich, Collaborative Efforts for Paint Analysis: Two Opportunities for Technical Examination of Major Works in Tandem With Outside Institutions
  • Katherine Beaty, 21st- Century Remedies to 19th- Century Repairs of an 18th- Century Turkish Koran
  • Kim Cullen Cobb, Charred Wood Consolidated with Thermoplastic Resins
  • Susan Costello, An Investigation of Early Chinese Bronze Mirrors at The Harvard University Art Museums
  • Corey D'Augustine, Drill Team: Vaseline, Hair, and Paperclips
  • Bart Devolder, Two 15th- c. Italian Paintings on Fine-Weave Supports and Their Relationship to Netherlandish Canvas Painting
  • Angela Elliott, A Comparative Study of Basket Cleaning Methods Including Nd:YAG Lasers
  • Maria Gonzalez, Revealing Networks: A Case Study of Disaster Response and Recuperation
  • Dana Melchar, Investigation of a High Chest and Dressing Table, en suite
  • Holly Robertson, An Exploration of Non-adhesive Binding Structures Found in the Archives at Vilassar de Dalt
  • David Turnbull, Fishing for Answers: Dorothy Cameron's "The Lost Goddess"
  • Gawain Weaver, Capital Portraits: Conservation of the Topley Studio Index

Índice das comunicações de 2006:

  • Tish Brewer, The Nature of Forgeries: Iron Gall Ink and Paper Aging in Relation to Forged Historical Documents - An Independent Study
  • Rebecca Capua, Materials and Techniques of George Grosz: American Watercolors
  • Catherine Coueignoux, An Exploration of Surface: Deciphering the History and Meaning of the Winterthur Peter Stretch Clock's Finish
  • Amy Crist, An Investigation of the Characteristics, Compositions, and Identification Methods of Wax Crayons and Colored Pencils, Including a Case Study of a Drawing by Roberto Matta
  • Matt Cushman, A New Method for the Treatment of Iron-Stained Architectural Marble: in situ reduction of iron(III) using photovoltaic polymers and the introduction of a new chelating agent for conservation
  • Lindsay Haynes, An Investigation into the Materials, Structure and Degradation Behavior of Portraits by William Sawyer
  • Jo-Fan Huang, A Technical Examination of 7 Thai Manuscripts in the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries
  • Sandra Kelberlau, How One Landscape-Painter Paints: The Technique of Sanford Robinson Gifford
  • Mary Oey, Some Problems in Musical Instrument Conservation in Museum Collections
  • Sara Ribbans, Past Practices Causing Modern Problems: The Conservation of Three Jules Cheret Posters
  • Dana K. Senge, Analysis and Treatment of a Chinese Ceramic Mortuary Figure
  • Jim Thurn, Research on Methods to Remove Mold from Cellulose Acetate Audiotape

Índice das comunicações de 2007:

  • Snowden Becker, See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Audiovisual Evidence, Forensics, and Preservation in Law Enforcement
  • Morwenna Blewett, 'A Puzzle to the Critics': The Technical Analysis and Treatment of a 16th Century Panel Painting of Possible French Origin
  • Marie-Catherine Cyr, Conservation Issues: The Case of Time-Based Media Installations
  • Alisa Eagleston, The Conservation of a Baining Headdress
  • Anne R. Grady, Technical Examination and Treatment of an African Sword
  • Amber Kerr-Allison, Outdoor Public Murals: Materials, Advocacy and Conservation
  • Jennifer Kim, Jaime Davidovich's Foam TV: An Interplay of Research, Interview, and Discussion to Determine Appropriate Treatment Avenues and the Acceptability of Replication
  • Crystal Maitland, Where Archival and Fine Art Conservation Meet: Antioxidant and Deacidification Treatments of Corrosive Copper Watercolours Associated with Iron Gall Ink in Works of Art on Paper
  • Samantha Sheesley, Artist Interviews as a Tool for Diligent Conservation Practice
  • Theresa Smith, Bleaching and Color Reversion in Ingres Drawings at the Fogg Museum
  • Samantha Springer, An Examination of Alterations to Mississippian Period Native Copper Artifacts from the Collection of the National Museum of the American Indian
  • Melissa Buschey, Erin Jue, The Characterization of Three UV-Inhibiting Fixatives Used for Works of Art on Paper
  • Aimee Ducey, Replacement of Colored Plexiglas in Modern Sculpture
  • Stephanie Gagne, JunFunori and Water Based Media: A Comparative Investigation into Media Used to Inpaint Matte Surfaces
  • Julie Mosbo, Wrangling Film: A Case Study of Assessing the Preservation and Access Needs of Argentinean Gaucho Films
  • Taryn Webb, Consolidating Mud Brick at Al Humayma, Jordan