quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2008

Reviews in Conservation, n.º 8, 2007

Começou a ser distribuído o volume de 2007 da revista Reviews in Conservation.


  • David A. Scott, Gerhard Eggert, The vicissitudes of vivianite as pigment and corrosion product, pp. 3-13
  • Beata Tworek-Matuszkiewicz, Australian Aboriginal bark paintings - their history, structure and conservation, pp. 15-28
  • Carolyn McSharry, Rupert Faulkner, Shayne Rivers, Milo S. P. Shaffer, Tom Welton, The chemistry of East Asian lacquer: A review of the scientific literature, pp. 29-40
  • Stephanie M. Lussier, Gregory D. Smith, A review of the phenomenon of lead white darkening and its conversion treatment, pp. 41-53
  • Nanke C. Schellmann, Animal glues: a review of their key properties relevant to conservation, pp. 55-66
  • Jennifer C. Barnett, Synthetic organic dyes, 1856-1901: an introductory literature review of their use and related issues in textile conservation, p. 67