quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

Archaeometry, vol. 50, n.º 5, 2008

Está em distribuição o n.º 5 do volume 50 da revista Archaeometry. Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui (acesso reservado).


  • Kaoru Yonekura, Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Atsushi Hotta, Tetsuya Suzuki, A Novel Approach to Studies of Prehistoric Exploitation of Stone Tool Materials Using Material Composition, Surface Morphology, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties, pp. 727-746
  • D. Attanasio, M. Brilli, M. Bruno, The Properties and Identification of Marble From Proconnesos (Marmara Island, Turkey): A New Database Including Isotopic, Epr and Petrographic Data, pp. 747-774
  • N. Brianese, U. Casellato, F. Fenzi, M. Mendera, B. Messiga, L. Nodari, M. P. Riccardi, P. A. Vigato, Incised Slipware Production at Castelfiorentino (Florence): The 'Via Bertini' Site (15th-17th Centuries), pp. 775-796
  • L. Dussubieux, C. M. Kusimba, V. Gogte, S. B. Kusimba, B. Gratuze, R. Oka, The Trading of Ancient Glass Beads: New Analytical Data From South Asian and East African Soda-alumina Glass Beads, pp. 797-821
  • E. Basso, B. Messiga, M. P. Riccardi, Stones From Medieval Glassmaking: A Suitable Waste Product for Reconstructing an Early Stage of the Melting Process in the Mt Lecco Glass Factory, pp. 822-834
  • Deraisme, J.-N. Barrandon, Unofficial Coinage in the Third Century  Ad in the Gallo-Roman World: Chemical and Physical Analyses for Determining the Localization of the Workshop, pp. 835-854
  • Capretti, N. Macchioni, B. Pizzo, G. Galotta, G. Giachi, D. Giampaola, The Characterization of Waterlogged Archaeological Wood: The Three Roman Ships Found in Naples (Italy), pp. 855-876
  • Carlos Gutierrez Blanco, M. Dolores González Azpíroz, Adolfo Fernández Valdés, Relationship Between the Working Quality of Asturian Jets (Spain) and Their Structure Using Parameters Defined By <sup>1</sup>H-Nmr, pp. 877-886
  • K. M. Towe, R. J. H. Clark, K. A. Seaver, Analysing the Vinland Map: A Critical Review of a Critical Review, pp. 887-893
  • G. Harbottle, Reply to Comments of Towe et al. On 'The Vinland Map: A Critical Review of Archaeometric Research on Its Authenticity', p. 894-894