quarta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2008

Studies in Conservation, vol. 53, n.º 2, 2008

Acabou de ser publicado mais um número do Studies in Conservation. Trata-se do volume 53, número 2, de 2008.


  • Emmanuelle Bidaud, Erich Halwax, Emmanuel Pantos, Beate Sipek, Analyses of a green copper pigment used in a thirteenth-century wall painting, pp. 81-92
  • Arthur R. Woll, Jennifer Mass, Christina Bisulca, Matt Cushman, Carol Griggs, Tomasz Wazny, Noelle Ocon, The unique history of The Armorer's Shop: an application of confocal x-ray fluorescence microscopy, pp. 93-109
  • Céline Rémazeilles, Egle Conforto, A buried Roman bronze inkwell: chemical interactions with agricultural fertilizers, pp. 110-117
  • Anna Schönemann, Manfried Eisbein, Achim Unger, Madeleine Dell'mour, Wolfgang Frenzel, Ernst Kenndler, Historic consolidants for wooden works of art in Saxony: an investigation by GC-MS and FTIR analysis, pp. 118-130
  • Hazuko Hioki, From Japanese tradition. Is kura a model for a sustainable preservation environment?, pp. 131-135
  • David A. Scott, Editing for 25 years. Some personal reflections, pp. 136-140
  • Sarah Staniforth, David Saunders, In memoriam. Garry Thomson. 1925-2007, pp. 141-142
  • Sharon Cather, Thomas Danzl, Monica Garcia Robles, Monica Martelli Castaldi, Ulrich Schießl, Paul Schwartzbaum, In memoriam. Heinz Leitner. 1953-2007, pp. 143-144