quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 9, n.º 4, 2008

Acabou de ser publicado o volume 9, n.º 4, de 2008, do Journal of Cultural Heritage.

Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • S. Castellaro, S. Imposa, F. Barone, F. Chiavetta, S. Gresta, F. Mulargia, Georadar and passive seismic survey in the Roman Amphitheatre of Catania (Sicily), pp. 357-366
  • Irit Amit-Cohen, Silicatescape - preserving building materials in the old urban center landscape: The case of the silicate brick and urban planning in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, pp. 367-375
  • Luca Bertolini, Maddalena Carsana, Elena Redaelli, Conservation of historical reinforced concrete structures damaged by carbonation induced corrosion by means of electrochemical realkalisation, pp. 376-385
  • Emiliano Carretti, Luigi Dei, Richard G. Weiss, Piero Baglioni, A new class of gels for the conservation of painted surfaces, pp. 386-393
  • Claire Moreau, Véronique Vergès-Belmin, Lise Leroux, Geneviève Orial, Gilles Fronteau, Vincent Barbin, Water-repellent and biocide treatments: Assessment of the potential combinations, pp. 394-400
  • Tomasz Sawoszczuk, Andrzej Baranski, Janusz Marek Lagan, Tomasz Lojewski, Katarzyna Zieba, On the use of ASTM closed vessel tests in accelerated ageing research, pp. 401-411
  • Rebecca Ploeger, Dominique Scalarone, Oscar Chiantore, The characterization of commercial artists' alkyd paints, pp. 412-419
  • Jean-Philippe Echard, Bertrand Lavédrine, Review on the characterisation of ancient stringed musical instruments varnishes and implementation of an analytical strategy, pp. 420-429