segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2009

Studies in Conservation, vol. 53, n.º 4, 2008

Acabou de ser publicado o último número de 2008 da revista Studies in Conservation, editada pelo IIC.


  • Simone Bretz, Ursula Baumer, Heike Stege, Johannes Von Miller, Dedo Von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk, A German house altar from the sixteenth century: conservation and research of reverse paintings on glass, pp. 209-224
  • Amandina Anastassiades, Lisa Ellis, The conservation of glass ingots from the bronze age Uluburun shipwreck, pp. 225-237
  • Francesca Becherini, Adriana Bernardi, Antonio Daneo, Franco Geotti Bianchini, Chiara Nicola, Marco Verità, Thermal stress as a possible source of the paintwork loss in medieval stained glass windows, pp. 238-251
  • Debra Carr, Natasha Cruthers, Elizabeth Girvan, Susan Scheele, Approaches for conservators to the identification of plant material used in Maori artefacts, pp. 252-263
  • Jörg Stelzner, Gerhard Eggert, Calcium carbonate on bronze finds: safe sequestering with STPP?, pp. 264-272
  • Susan Bradley, Philip Fletcher, Capucine Korenberg, James Parker, Clare Ward, A review of the colour and condition of Lindow Man 20 years after conservation, pp. 273-284