quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

Archaeometry, volume 51, n.º 3, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o volume 51, n.º 3, de 2009, da revista Archaeometry.


  • F. Antonelli, L. Lazzarini, S. Cancelliere, D. Dessandier, Minero-petrographic and geochemical characterization of 'greco scritto marble from cap de garde, near hippo regius(annaba, algeria), pp. 351-365
  • H. Yum, B. W. Singer, A. Bacon, Coniferous wood pulp in traditional korean paper between the 15th and 18th centuries ad, pp. 467-479
  • M. Al-Naddaf, The effect of salts on thermal and hydric dilatation of porous building stone, pp. 495-505
  • L. Good, J. M. Kenoyer, R. H. Meadow, New evidence for early silk in the indus civilization, pp. 457-466
  • D. J. Huisman, T. De Groot, S. Pols, B. J. H. Van Os, P. Degryse, Compositional variation in roman colourless glass objects from the bocholtz burial (the netherlands), pp. 413-439
  • N. M. Wainwright, E. A. Moffatt, P. J. Sirois, Occurrences of green earth pigment on northwest coast first nations painted objects, pp. 440-456
  • E. Ribechini, M. P. Colombini, G. Giachi, F. Modugno, P. Pallecchi, A multi-analytical approach for the characterization of commodities in a ceramic jar from antinoe (egypt), pp. 480-494
  • C. Marangou, B. Stern, Neolithic zoomorphic vessels from eastern macedonia, greece: Issues of function, pp. 397-412
  • B. Marín Arroyo, Assessing what lies beneath the spatial distribution of a zooarchaeological record: The use of gis and spatial correlations at el mirn cave (spain), pp. 506-524
  • W. J. Stemp, B. E. Childs, S. Vionnet, C. A. Brown, Quantification and discrimination of lithic use-wear: Surface profile measurements and length-scale fractal analysis, pp. 366-382
  • M. S. Walton, E. Doehne, K. Trentelman, G. Chiari, J. Maish, A. Buxbaum, Characterization of coral red slips on greek attic pottery, pp. 383-396

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