terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

Espectrometria de massa no estudo das obras de arte e do património cultural

Foi há pouco publicado um número temático da revista International Journal of Mass Spectrometry,dedicado a “Mass Spectrometry of Art and Cultural Heritage”. Trata-se do volume 284, números 1-3, de 2009.


  • Ester S.B. Ferreira, Ron M.A. Heeren, van den Berg, Klaas Jan, Christopher Maines, Ken Sutherland, Catherine Higgitt, Mass Spectrometry of Art and Cultural Heritage, p. 1
  • Carrie Ann Menke, Rachel Rivenc, Tom Learner, The use of direct temperature-resolved mass spectrometry (DTMS) in the detection of organic pigments found in acrylic paints used by Sam Francis, pp. 2-11
  • van den Brink, Oscar F., Ester S.B. Ferreira, Jerre van der Horst, Jaap J. Boon, A direct temperature-resolved tandem mass spectrometry study of cholesterol oxidation products in light-aged egg tempera paints with examples from works of art, pp. 12-21
  • Katrien Keune, Frank Hoogland, Jaap J. Boon, David Peggie, Catherine Higgitt, Evaluation of the "added value" of SIMS: A mass spectrometric and spectroscopic study of an unusual Naples yellow oil paint reconstruction, pp. 22-34
  • Oscar Chiantore, Chiara Riedo, Dominique Scalarone, Gas chromatography-mass spectrometric analysis of products from on-line pyrolysis/silylation of plant gums used as binding media, pp. 35-41
  • S. Kuckova, M. Crhova, L. Vankova, A. Hnizda, R. Hynek, M. Kodicek, Towards proteomic analysis of milk proteins in historical building materials, pp. 42-46
  • Nicolas Garnier, Christian Rolando, Jakob Munk Høtje, Caroline Tokarski, Analysis of archaeological triacylglycerols by high resolution nanoESI, FT-ICR MS and IRMPD MS/MS: Application to 5th century BC-4th century AD oil lamps from Olbia (Ukraine), pp. 47-56
  • Hamish McNab, Ester S.B. Ferreira, Alison N. Hulme, Anita Quye, Negative ion ESI-MS analysis of natural yellow dye flavonoids--An isotopic labelling study, pp. 57-65
  • F. G. Hoogland, J. J. Boon, Development of MALDI-MS and nano-ESI-MS methodology for the full identification of poly(ethylene glycol) additives in artists' acrylic paints, pp. 66-71
  • F. G. Hoogland, J. J. Boon, Analytical mass spectrometry of poly(ethylene glycol) additives in artists' acrylic emulsion media, artists' paints, and microsamples from acrylic paintings using MALDI-MS and nanospray-ESI-MS, pp. 72-80
  • María Teresa Doménech-Carbó, Juana de la Cruz-Cañizares, Laura Osete-Cortina, Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Helena David, Ageing behaviour and analytical characterization of the Jatobá resin collected from Hymenaea stigonocarpa Mart, pp. 81-92
  • Noriyasu Niimura, Determination of the type of lacquer on East Asian lacquer ware, pp. 93-97
  • Charis Theodorakopoulos, Jaap J. Boon, Vassilis Zafiropulos, Direct temperature mass spectrometric study on the depth-dependent compositional gradients of aged triterpenoid varnishes, pp. 98-107
  • Xian Zhang, Richard Laursen, Application of LC-MS to the analysis of dyes in objects of historical interest, pp. 108-114
  • Daniel P. Kirby, Narayan Khandekar, Ken Sutherland, Beth A. Price, Applications of laser desorption mass spectrometry for the study of synthetic organic pigments in works of art, pp. 115-122
  • Alessia Andreotti, Ilaria Bonaduce, Maria Perla Colombini, Francesca Modugno, Erika Ribechini, A diagnosis of the yellowing of the marble high reliefs and the black decorations in the chapel of the tomb of Saint Anthony (Padua, Italy), pp. 123-130
  • Ursula Baumer, Patrick Dietemann, Johann Koller, Identification of resinous materials on 16th and 17th century reverse-glass objects by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, pp. 131-141
  • Andrew Livingston, Eugenia Robinson, Ruth Ann Armitage, Characterizing the binders in rock paintings by THM-GC-MS: La Casa de Las Golondrinas, Guatemala, a cautionary tale for radiocarbon dating, pp. 142-151
  • Laure Dussubieux, Peter Robertshaw, Micheal D. Glascock, LA-ICP-MS analysis of African glass beads: Laboratory inter-comparison with an emphasis on the impact of corrosion on data interpretation, pp. 152-161
  • Henk van Keulen, Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry methods applied for the analysis of a Round Robin sample containing materials present in samples of works of art, pp. 162-169

A revista está disponível aqui (acesso condicionado).