sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

Journal of the Institute of Conservation, vol. 32, n.º 2, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o volume 32, n.º 2, 2009, da revista Journal of the Institute of Conservation.


  • Jevon Thistlewood, Peter Northover, Corrosion analysis and treatment of two paintings on zinc supports by Frederick Preedy, pp. 137- 148
  • Frank Hassard, Towards a new vision of restoration in the context of global change, pp. 149- 163
  • Angela Geary, Emily Howe, Three-dimensional documentation and virtual restoration of the Lichfield Angel, pp. 165- 179
  • Lydia Gutierrez, The painting materials and techniques of Ralph Hotere's black nitrocellulose lacquer works 1967 to 1977, pp. 181- 204
  • Sarah Hillary, Mary Kisler, Auckland’s <i>St Sebastian</i> by Guido Reni, pp. 205- 218
  • Jessica David, Case study: the treatment of six reverse paintings on glass from William Nicholson’s <i>Loggia with Figures</i> and <i>Architectural Fragment</i>, pp. 219- 232
  • Catherine Nunn, The conservation history of an eighteenth-century collection: caring for the pictures of the Foundling Hospital, pp. 233- 247
  • Elizabeth E. Peacock, Jake Kaner, Kate Lowry, Book reviews, pp. 249- 257

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