sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

Electroquímica aplicada às ciências da conservação

O número 3, do volume 14, da revista Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, de 2010, acabado de publicar, é um número temático com o título Electrochemistry for Conservation Science.


  • Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Electrochemistry for conservation science, pp. 349-351
  • Christian Degrigny, Use of electrochemical techniques for the conservation of metal artefacts: a review, pp. 353-361
  • Antonio Doménech-Carbó, Voltammetric methods applied to identification, speciation, and quantification of analytes from works of art: an overview, pp. 363-379
  • Emilio Cano, Diana Lafuente, David Bastidas, Use of EIS for the evaluation of the protective properties of coatings for metallic cultural heritage: a review, pp. 381-391
  • Hèla Hassairi, Latifa Bousselmi, Ezzeddine Triki, Bronze degradation processes in simulating archaeological soil media, pp. 393-401
  • Virginia Costa, Annick Texier, Restoration of cultural heritage: evaluation of the compatibility between metals and sealing products, pp. 403-405
  • Karolien De Wael, Michel De Keersmaecker, Mark Dowsett, David Walker, Pamela Thomas, Annemie Adriaens, Electrochemical deposition of dodecanoate on lead in view of an environmentally safe corrosion inhibition, pp. 407-413
  • Emmanuel Rocca, François Mirambet, The electrochemical techniques for the diagnosis and restoration treatments of technical and industrial heritage: three examples of metallic artefacts, pp. 415-423
  • Christian Degrigny, Geoffroy Guibert, Stephan Ramseyer, Guillaume Rapp, Antonin Tarchini, Use of Ecorr vs time plots for the qualitative analysis of metallic elements from scientific and technical objects: the SPAMT Test Project, pp. 425-435
  • Isabel Martínez-Lázaro, Antonio Doménech-Carbó, María Doménech-Carbó, María Pastor-Valls, Vicente Amigó-Borrás, Electrochemical criteria for evaluating conservative treatments applied to contemporary metallic sculpture. A case study, pp. 437-447
  • V. Costa, K. Leyssens, A. Adriaens, N. Richard, F. Scholz, Electrochemistry reveals archaeological materials, pp. 449-451
  • E. Cano, D. Bastidas, V. Argyropoulos, S. Fajardo, A. Siatou, J. Bastidas, C. Degrigny, Electrochemical characterization of organic coatings for protection of historic steel artefacts, pp. 453-463
  • Antonio Doménech-Carbó, María Doménech-Carbó, Marina Calisti, Vincenzo Maiolo, Identification of naphthoquinonic and anthraquinonic dyes via sequential potential steps applied to the voltammetry of microparticles methodology, pp. 465-477
  • Giuseppe Giovannelli, Lucia D’Urzo, Giovanna Maggiulli, Stefano Natali, Cosimo Pagliara, Ivonne Sgura, Benedetto Bozzini, Cathodic chloride extraction treatment of a late bronze-age artifact affected by bronze disease in room-temperature ionic-liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (EMI-TFSI), pp. 479-494
  • Ana Mata, André Carneiro, M. Neto, Luís Proença, M. Salta, M. Mendonça, Inês Fonseca, Characterisation of five coins from the archaeological heritage of Portugal, pp. 495-503

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