terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Studies in Conservation, vol. 55, n.º 1, 2010

Acabou de ser publicada a revista Studies in Conservation, vol. 55, n.º 1, de 2010, do IIC.


  • Alan Phenix, Joyce H. Townsend, Editorial, p. 1
  • David A. Scott, Jeffrey P. Maish, A Lydian of iron, bronze and copper: technical examination of a metallurgical masterpiece, p. 3
  • Omid Oudbashi, S. Mohammadamin Emami, A note on the corrosion morphology of some Middle Elamite copper alloy artefacts from Haft Tappeh, south-west Iran, p. 20
  • Alison Sawdy, Barbara Lubelli, Victoria Voronina, Leo Pel, Optimizing the extraction of soluble salts from porous materials by poultices, p. 26
  • Y. Fors, V. Richards, The effects of the ammonia neutralizing treatment on marine archaeological Vasa wood, p. 41
  • Johanna Nilsson, Francisco Vilaplana, Sigbritt Karlsson, Jonny Bjurman, Tommy Iversen, The validation of artificial ageing methods for silk textiles using markers for chemical and physical properties of seventeenth-century silk, p. 55