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International Journal of Conservation Science, vol. 1, n.º 4, 2010

Acabou de ser publicada a revista International Journal of Conservation Science, vol. 1, n.º 4, de 2010.

Está livremente disponível aqui.


  • G. Bodi, An Analytical Framework for the Selection and Classification of Archaeological Pottery in Order to Create an Integrated Characteristics Record. I. Preliminary Field Analysis of the Cucuteni Pottery from Hoisesti (Iasi county), pp. 199-210
  • Emandi, P. Budrugeac, I. Emandi, I. Stanculescu, P. Bugheanu, The Assesment of the Decayed Lime Wood Polymeric Components by TG and FT-IR Parameters Correlation, pp. 211-218
  • A.A. Tuduce-Traistaru, M. Campean, M.C. Timar, Compatibility Indicators in Developing Consolidation Materials with Nanoparticle Insertions for Old Wooden Objects, pp. 219-226
  • G. Romanescu, Dune Ecosystem Management of the Razim-Sinoie Littoral Bar (Romania), pp. 227-240
  • I.G. Sandu, V. Vasilache, V. Cotiuga, Revaluation of Archaeological Ceramics Assets under Generally Accepted Principles of Integrated Scientific Conservation, pp. 241-247


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