sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

International Journal of Architectural Heritage, vol. 5, n.º 2, 2011

Acabou de ser publicada a revista International Journal of Architectural Heritage, vol. 5, n.º 2, de 2011.

Está disponível aqui [acesso condicionado].


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  • Dina Francesca D'Ayala, Elide Tomasoni, Three-Dimensional Analysis of Masonry Vaults Using Limit State Analysis with Finite Friction, pp. 140-171
  • Matthew R. Hall, Characterization of Irreversible Black Soiling Layer Formation on Historic Unglazed Terracotta Substrates Using Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM) with Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) Analysis, pp. 172-187
  • Sebastiano Imposa, Giuliana Mele, Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Inside the S. Agata Cathedral of Catania (Eastern Sicily), pp. 188-197
  • Vitor Sousa, Nuno Almeida, Inês Meireles, Jorge de Brito, Anomalies in Wall Renders: Overview of the Main Causes of Degradation, pp. 198-218
  • Antonio Borri, Giulio Castori, Damage and Seismic Vulnerability of the Portal of Palazzo Dei Priori, pp. 219-240
  • Ariana Russo, Maria Rosário Veiga, Maria Fátima Vaz, Ana Paula Carvalho, Effect of the Conservation Treatment of Historical Ceramic Tiles on the Tensile Adhesion Strength, pp. 241-250