sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

Monumentos sob ameaça

Acabou de ser publicado o vol. 63, n.º 7-8, de 2011, da revista Environmental Earth Sciences. Trata-se de um número temático, organizado por Siegfried Siegesmund e J. Ruedrich, com o título “Monuments under Threat: Environmental Impact, Preservation Strategies and Natural Stone Recourses”.

A revista, com acesso condicionado, está aqui. No entanto, um número significativo de artigos tem acesso livre.


  • Siegfried Siegesmund, Joerg Ruedrich, Monuments under threat: environmental impact, preservation strategies and natural stone recourses, pp. 1413-1414
  • P. Warke, B. Smith, E. Lehane, Micro-environmental change as a trigger for granite decay in offshore Irish lighthouses: implications for the long-term preservation of operational historic buildings, pp. 1415-1431
  • Velichka Kontozova-Deutsch, Carolina Cardell, Maja Urosevic, Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo, Felix Deutsch, René Van Grieken, Characterization of indoor and outdoor atmospheric pollutants impacting architectural monuments: the case of San Jerónimo Monastery (Granada, Spain), pp. 1433-1445
  • C. Thomachot-Schneider, M. Gommeaux, G. Fronteau, C. Oguchi, S. Eyssautier, B. Kartheuser, A comparison of the properties and salt weathering susceptibility of natural and reconstituted stones of the Orval Abbey (Belgium), pp. 1447-1461
  • Enrica Balboni, Rosa Espinosa-Marzal, Eric Doehne, George Scherer, Can drying and re-wetting of magnesium sulfate salts lead to damage of stone?, pp. 1463-1473
  • E. Ruiz-Agudo, B. Lubelli, A. Sawdy, R. van Hees, C. Price, C. Rodriguez-Navarro, An integrated methodology for salt damage assessment and remediation: the case of San Jerónimo Monastery (Granada, Spain), pp. 1475-1486
  • P. López-Arce, R. Fort, M. Gómez-Heras, E. Pérez-Monserrat, M. Varas-Muriel, Preservation strategies for avoidance of salt crystallisation in El Paular Monastery cloister, Madrid, Spain, pp. 1487-1509
  • Carlos Alves, Carlos Figueiredo, António Maurício, Maria Braga, Luís Aires-Barros, Limestones under salt decay tests: assessment of pore network-dependent durability predictors, pp. 1511-1527
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  • Joerg Ruedrich, Tobias Bartelsen, Reiner Dohrmann, Siegfried Siegesmund, Moisture expansion as a deterioration factor for sandstone used in buildings, pp. 1545-1564
  • Timothy Wangler, Alisa Stratulat, Philippa Duffus, Jean Prévost, George Scherer, Flaw propagation and buckling in clay-bearing sandstones, pp. 1565-1572
  • J. Ruedrich, D. Kirchner, S. Siegesmund, Physical weathering of building stones induced by freeze–thaw action: a laboratory long-term study, pp. 1573-1586
  • J. Ruedrich, D. Kirchner, S. Siegesmund, Physical weathering of building stones induced by freeze–thaw action: a laboratory long-term study, pp. 1573-1586
  • P. Vázquez, S. Siegesmund, F. Alonso, Bowing of dimensional granitic stones, pp. 1603-1612
  • B. Szemerey-Kiss, Á. Török, Time-dependent changes in the strength of repair mortar used in the loss compensation of stone, pp. 1613-1621
  • Richard Prikryl, Zuzana Weishauptová, Miroslava Novotná, Jirina Prikrylová, Aneta Št’astná, Physical and mechanical properties of the repaired sandstone ashlars in the facing masonry of the Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic) and an analytical study for the causes of its rapid decay, pp. 1623-1639
  • Silva, T. Cruz, M. Paiva, A. Candeias, P. Adriano, N. Schiavon, J. Mirão, Mineralogical and chemical characterization of historical mortars from military fortifications in Lisbon harbour (Portugal), pp. 1641-1650
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  • Pereira de Oliveira, J. de la Rosa, A. Miller, C. Saiz-Jimenez, A. Gómez-Bolea, M. Sequeira Braga, A. Dionísio, An integrated approach to assess the origins of black films on a granite monument, pp. 1677-1690
  • Smith, S. McCabe, D. McAllister, C. Adamson, H. Viles, J. Curran, A commentary on climate change, stone decay dynamics and the ‘greening’ of natural stone buildings: new perspectives on ‘deep wetting’, pp. 1691-1700
  • Christine Hallmann, Jörg Rüdrich, Matthias Enseleit, Thomas Friedl, Michael Hoppert, Microbial diversity on a marble monument: a case study, pp. 1701-1711
  • Christine Hallmann, Diana Fritzlar, Lorena Stannek, Michael Hoppert, Ascomycete fungi on dimension stone of the “Burg Gleichen”, Thuringia, pp. 1713-1722
  • Marie-Françoise André, Bruno Phalip, Olivier Voldoire, Franck Vautier, Yves Géraud, Mhammed Benbakkar, Christophe Constantin, Fabienne Huber, Gilles Morvan, Weathering of sandstone lotus petals at the Angkor site: a 1,000-year stone durability trial, pp. 1723-1739
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