quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Imagiologia de obras de arte

Acabou de ser disponibilizada online a seguinte tese de doutoramento:

Ayesha Younus, 2D and 3D Terahertz Imaging. Application to Art Science, Université de Bordeaux I, 2011.

Está aqui.


The scope of this thesis is to demonstrate the potential of terahertz (THz) imaging for non-destructive evaluation of various artworks associated with a complete 3D volumetric inspection. For this purpose we used a pulsed THz time-domain spectrometer and a portable millimeter continuous wave scanner. Time-of-flight of THz electric field and material dependent spectroscopic information allows the analysis of various artistic samples. THz imaging was able to reveal buried layer information, covered by several layers of painting and plaster. It was also possible to evaluate the variations of the painting thickness along with their spectroscopic features in the THz range. The portable imaging system was used for the inspection of real historical art samples preserved at museum of Aquitaine (France). THz computed tomography has been performed for visualizing volumetric objects. Different reconstruction methods have been compared in order to enhance final image quality with the optimization of the number of projections. Finally the tomographic technique was used for a complete 3D inspection of historical art objects.