sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012

Studies in Conservation, vol. 57, n.º 2, 2012

Acabou de ser pubicada a revista Studies in Conservation, vol. 57, n.º 2, de 2012.


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  • Pia Gottschaller, Narayan Khandekar, Lynn F. Lee, Daniel P. Kirby, The evolution of Lucio Fontana's painting materials, pp. 76-91
  • Oscar Chiantore, Rebecca Ploeger, Tommaso Poli, Barbara Ferriani, Materials and techniques in the pictorial oeuvre of Lucio Fontana, pp. 92-105
  • Lei Yong, Copper trihydroxychlorides as pigments in China, pp. 106-111
  • Virginia Costa, Dominique de Reyer, Maria Betbeder, A note on the analysis of metal threads, pp. 112-115
  • Kate Bailey, A note on Prussian blue in nineteenth-century Canton, pp. 116-121