sexta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2012

Técnicas de raios X usadas no estudo do património artístico e cultural

A revista Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 37, n.º 1, de 2012, é dedicada à publicação das comunicações apresentadas na International Conference on the Use of X-ray (and related) Techniques in Arts and Cultural Heritage, que se realizou nos Emiratos Árabes Unidos, em finais de 2011.

Acabou de ser publicada agora e está livremente disponível aqui.


  • S. Ridolfi, Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for the analyses of Cultural Heritage, 012001
  • B. Horemans, O. Schalm, K De Wael, C. Cardell, R Van Grieken, Atmospheric composition and micro-climate in the Alhambra monument, Granada (Spain), in the context of preventive conservation, 012002
  • Jo-Fan Huang, Data and interpretation: enhancing conservation of art and cultural heritage through collaboration between scientist, conservator, and art historian, 012003
  • Benjamin L Marcus, Characterization of historic mortars and earthen building materials in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE, 012004
  • Eisa Yousif, Atta Attaelmanan, Role of XRF in the restoration of a prominent architectural monument at the site of Mleiha, 012005
  • N M Hamdan, H. Alawadhi, N. Jisrawi, Integration of µ-XRF, and u-Raman techniques to study ancient Islamic manuscripts, 012006
  • Re, F. Albertin, C. Bortolin, R. Brancaccio, Buscaglia, J. Corsi, G. Cotto, G. Dughera, E. Durisi, W. Ferrarese, M. Gambaccini, A. Giovagnoli, N. Grassi, A Lo Giudice, Mereu, G. Mila, M. Nervo, N. Pastrone, F. Petrucci, Results of the Italian neu_ART project, 012007
  • K. Uhlir, B. Frühmann, G. Buzanich, M. Griesser, C. Streli, Wobrauschek, B. Grossmayer, S. Smolek, A newly developed, portable, vacuum-chamber equipped XRF-instrument, designed for the sophisticated needs of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, 012008
  • B S B Karunaratne, Use of x-ray fluorescence and diffraction techniques in studying ancient ceramics of Sri Lanka, 012009
  • Reddy, A G Attaelmanan, M. Mouton, Pots, plates and provenance: sourcing Indian coarse wares from Mleiha using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry analysis, 012010
  • M. Griesser, R. Traum, K. Vondrovec, Vontobel, E H Lehmann, Application of X-Ray and Neutron Tomography to Study Antique Greek Bronze Coins with a High Lead Content, 012011
  • Mohammadamin Emami, QXRD, XRF and optical microscopy applied to characterization and provenance of ancient ceramics from Haft Teppeh (1500 – 1150 BC), southwest Iran, 012012
  • M. Roumie, B. Nsouli, Y. Assafiri, Authenticity determination of Ag-Cu Lebanese coins using combined PIXE and RBS techniques, 012013
  • W. Dhanmanonda, K. Won-in, S. Tancharakorn, W. Tantanuch, C. Thongleurm, T. Kamwanna, Dararutana, Characterization of enameled glass excavated from Laem Pho, southern Thailand, 012014
  • K. Won-in, Y. Thongkam, S. Intarasiri, T. Kamwanna, Dararutana, Corrosion of ancient glass beads found in Southern Thailand, 012015
  • Hamada Sadek, Abd El Hady M M, Characteristics of ancient Egyptian glazed ceramic objects from Fatimid and Mamluk periods as revealed by ion beam analysis, 012016
  • Laxmi Tumung, Behrouz Bazgir, Kamran Ahmadi, Abdolkarim Shadmehr, Understanding the Use-wears on Non-retouched Shells Mytilus galloprovincialis. and Ruditapes decussatus by Performing Wood Working Experiment: An Experimental Approach, 012017
  • Ziyad Shihab Al-Sarraj, Mohamad Roumie, Hassan I Damboos, Characterization of Some Iraqi Archaeological Samples Using IBA, Analytical X-ray and Other Complementary Techniques, 012018