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The British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, vol. 5, 2011

A revista The British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, vol. 5, de 2011, acabou de ser disponibilizado online com acesso livre.

Está aqui.


  • Aude Mongiatti, Fahmida Suleman, Nigel Meeks, Beauty and belief: the endangered tradition of Omani silver jewellery, pp. 1-14
  • Hayley Bullock, Alexandra Baldwin, Jamie Hood, Chris Fern, Caroline Cartwright, Janet Lang, Quanyu Wang, Evidence for shield construction from the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery site of Tranmer House, Bromeswell, SuffolkHayley, pp. 15-24
  • Lynne Harrison, Janet Ambers, Rebecca Stacey, Caroline Cartwright, Angeliki Lymberopoulou, The Noli me Tangere: study and conservation of a Cretan icon, pp. 25-38
  • Satoko Tanimoto, Rebecca Stacey, Gillian Varndell, Tracey Sweek, Grimes Graves revisited: a new light on chalk 'lamps', pp. 39-47
  • Caroline Cartwright, Lin Rosa Spaabæk, Marie Svoboda, Portrait mummies from Roman Egypt: ongoing collaborative research on wood identification, pp. 49-58
  • Quanyu Wang, Sascha Priewe, Kwang-tzuu Chen, Susan La Niece, A Chinese bronze gui vessel: genuine Western Zhou object or fake?, pp. 59-66
  • Caroline Cartwright, Jon Taylor, Investigating technological and environmental evidence from plant remains and molluscs in cuneiform tablets, pp. 67-72
  • Jamie Hood, Joanne Dyer, Janet Lang, Janet Ambers, Defence and decoration: new findings on a late fourteenth-century 'kettle-hat' helmet found in London, pp. 73-80
  • Catherine Higgitt, Susanna Harris, Caroline Cartwright, Pippa Cruickshank, Assessing the potential of historic archaeological collections: a pilot study of the British Museum's Swiss lake dwelling textiles, pp. 81-94
  • John Taylor, Bridget Leach, Helen Sharp, The history and conservation of the papyrus of Tuy, pp. 95-104