domingo, 14 de abril de 2013

A cor e a química

O seguinte livro foi publicado há poucos meses:

Mary Virginia Orna, The Chemical History of Color, Heidelberg, Springer, 2013.


  • Introduction: Colors, Natural and Synthetic, in the Ancient World, 1
  • Discovery of the Physics of Color, 11
  • The Chemical Causes of Color, 29
  • Colorant Usage from Antiquity to the Perkin Era, 47
  • Beyond Perkin, 79
  • Major Analytical Techniques Based on Color: Volumetric Analysis; Chromatography; Spectroscopy; Color Measurement, 93
  • Color on the Biological and Biochemical Front, 111
  • Finale: Color in Foods, Photochemistry, Photoluminescence, Pharmaceuticals, Fireworks, Fun, and the Future, 129