domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 14, n.º 2, 2013

Foi há pouco publicada a revista Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 14, n.º 2, de 2013.

Está disponível aqui, com acesso condicionado.


  • Van den Eynde, Víctor Cárdenes, Felix Javier Mateos, Remigio Paradelo, Degradability of building stone: Influence of the porous network on the rate of dissolution of carbonate and evaporitic rocks, pp. 89-96
  • Ramadan Abd-Allah, Chemical cleaning of soiled deposits and encrustations on archaeological glass: A diagnostic and practical study, pp. 97-108
  • Erwan Hamard, Jean-Claude Morel, Fernanda Salgado, Alain Marcom, Nicolas Meunier, A procedure to assess the suitability of plaster to protect vernacular earthen architecture, pp. 109-115
  • Domenica Paoletti, Dario Ambrosini, Stefano Sfarra, Fabio Bisegna, Preventive thermographic diagnosis of historical buildings for consolidation, pp. 116-121
  • Enrico Quagliarini, Enrico Esposito, Antonio del Conte, The combined use of IRT and LDV for the investigation of historical thin vaults, pp. 122-128
  • Ferhat Karaca, Mapping the corrosion impact of air pollution on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, pp. 129-137
  • Daniel de la Fuente, Jesús Manuel Vega, Fernando Viejo, Iván Díaz, Manuel Morcillo, Mapping air pollution effects on atmospheric degradation of cultural heritage, pp. 138-145
  • Marcello Carrozzino, Nicoletta Bruno, Massimo Bergamasco, Designing interaction metaphors for Web3D cultural dissemination, pp. 146-155
  • Monika Murzyn-Kupisz, The socio-economic impact of built heritage projects conducted by private investors, pp. 156-162
  • Sorin Constantin Barzoi, Anca Cornelia Luca, Significance of studying the petrography and mineralogy of the geological environment of old rupestrian churches to prevent their deterioration. A case study from the South Carpathians, pp. 163-168
  • Francisco Javier Blasco-López, Francisco Javier Alejandre Sánchez, Porosity and surface hardness as indicators of the state of conservation of Mudéjar plasterwork in the Real Alcázar in Seville, pp. 169-173
  • Saima Gulzar, Marie Wörle, Jean-Pierre Burg, Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry, Edith Joseph, Eric Reusser, Characterization of 17th Century Mughal tile glazes from Shahdara Complex, Lahore-Pakistan, pp. 174-179