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Studies in Conservation, vol. 52, n.º 4, 2007

Está em distribuição o 4.º fascículo do volume 52 dos Studies in Conservation, com data de 2007.


  • Lucia Burgio, Shayne Rivers, Catherine Higgitt, Marika Spring, Ming Wilson, Spherical copper resinate on Coromandel objects: analysis and conservation of matt green paint, pp. 241-254
  • Rachel Morrison, Abigail Bagley-Young, Aviva Burnstock, Klaas Jan Van Den Berg, Henk Van Keulen, An investigation of parameters for the use of citrate solutions for surface cleaning unvarnished paintings, pp. 255-270
  • Henning Matthiesen, A novel method to determine oxidation rates of heritage materials in vitro and in situ, pp. 271-280
  • Marie-Claude Corbeil, P. Jane Sirois, A note on a modern lead white, also known as 'synthetic plumbonacrite', pp. 281-288
  • David Gregory, Poul Jensen, Henning Matthiesen, Kristiane Straetkvern, The correlation between bulk density and shock resistance of waterlogged archaeological wood using the Pilodyn, pp. 289-298
  • Roy S. Berns, Mahnaz Mohammadi, Evaluating single- and two-constant Kubelka-Munk turbid media theory for instrumental- based inpainting, pp. 299-314
  • Ashok Roy, Susan Foister, Angelica Rudenstine, Conservation documentation in digital form. A continuing dialogue about the issues, pp. 315-317