sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Archaeometry, vol. 51, n.º 1, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o primeiro número de 2009 da revista Archaeometry.

Os artigos estão livremente disponíveis aqui.


  • Seelenfreund, E. Fonseca, F. Llona, L. Lera, C. Sinclaire, C. Rees, Geochemical Analysis of Vitreous Rocks Exploited During the Formative Period in the Atacama Region, Northern Chile, pp. 1-25
  • L. Kedrowski, B. A. Crass, J. A. Behm, J. C. Luetke, A. L. Nichols, A. M. Moreck, C. E. Holmes, Gc/ms Analysis of Fatty Acids From Ancient Hearth Residues at the Swan Point Archaeological Site, pp. 110-122
  • J. E. Ortiz, T. Torres, M. R. GonzÁlez-Morales, J. Abad, I. Arribas, F. J. Fortea, F. GarcÍa-Belenguer, I. GutiÉrrez-Zugasti, The Aminochronology of Man-Induced Shell Middens in Caves in Northern Spain, pp. 123-139
  • R. Bendrey, T. E. Hayes, M. R. Palmer, Patterns of Iron Age Horse Supply: An Analysis of Strontium Isotope Ratios in Teeth, pp. 140-150
  • L. Bonizzoni, S. Bruni, A. Girod, V. Guglielmi, Archaeometric Study of Shells of Helicidae From the Edera Cave (Northeastern Italy), pp. 151-173
  • R. Braun, J. W. K. Harris, D. N. Maina, Oldowan Raw Material Procurement and Use: Evidence From the Koobi Fora Formation, pp. 26-42
  • H. Weihe, S. Piligkos, A.-L. Barra, I. Laursen, O. Johnsen, Epr of Mn2+ Impurities in Calcite: A Detailed Study Pertinent to Marble Provenance Determination, pp. 43-48
  • M. MartinÓn-Torres, Th. Rehren, Post-Medieval Crucible Production and Distribution: A Study of Materials and Materialities, pp. 49-74
  • Grifa, V. Morra, A. Langella, P. Munzi, Byzantine Ceramic Production From Cuma (Campi Flegrei, Napoli), pp. 75-94
  • R. A. Goodall, J. Hall, R. Viel, P. M. Fredericks, A Spectroscopic Investigation of Pigment and Ceramic Samples From Copán, Honduras, pp. 95-109