segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2009

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 10, n.º 1, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o 1.º número de 2009 (vol. 10) do Journal of Cultural Heritage.

Este número da revista está disponível, com acesso livre (temporário), aqui.


  • Einar Bowitz, Karin Ibenholt, Economic impacts of cultural heritage - Research and perspectives, pp. 1-8
  • Tran Huu Tuan, Udomsak Seenprachawong, Stale Navrud, Comparing cultural heritage values in South East Asia - Possibilities and difficulties in cross-country transfers of economic values, pp. 9-21
  • Giovanni Francesco Mascari, Maria Mautone, Laura Moltedo, Paolo Salonia, Landscapes, Heritage and Culture, pp. 22-29
  • Patrick Dietemann, Catherine Higgitt, Moritz Kälin, Michael J. Edelmann, Richard Knochenmuss, Renato Zenobi, Aging and yellowing of triterpenoid resin varnishes - Influence of aging conditions and resin composition, pp. 30-40
  • Delphine Vandevoorde, Marisa Pamplona, Olivier Schalm, Yves Vanhellemont, Veerle Cnudde, Eddy Verhaeven, Contact sponge method: Performance of a promising tool for measuring the initial water absorption, pp. 41-47
  • Aldara Pan, Stefano Chiussi, Julia Serra, Pío González, Betty León, Excimer laser removal of beeswax from galician granite monuments, pp. 48-52
  • G. Caneva, G. Galotta, L. Cancellieri, V. Savo, Tree roots and damages in the Jewish catacombs of Villa Torlonia (Roma), pp. 53-62
  • François Mathis, Elisabeth Delange, Dominique Robcis, Marc Aucouturier, HMTY-KM (black copper) and the Egyptian bronzes' collection of the Musée du Louvre, pp. 63-72
  • Antonia Moropoulou, Kyriaki Polikreti, Principal Component Analysis in monument conservation: Three application examples, pp. 73-81
  • Aneta Stastná, Richard Prikryl, Jan Jehlicka, Methodology of analytical study for provenance determination of calcitic, calcite-dolomitic and impure marbles from historical quarries in the Czech Republic, pp. 82-93
  • Klaus D. Hinsch, Konrad Zehnder, Holger Joost, Gerd Gülker, Monitoring detaching murals in the Convent of Müstair (Switzerland) by optical metrology, pp. 94-105
  • Jenny Hällström, Kerstin Barup, Rasmus Grönlund, Ann Johansson, Sune Svanberg, Lorenzo Palombi, David Lognoli, Valentina Raimondi, Giovanna Cecchi, Cinzia Conti, Documentation of soiled and biodeteriorated facades: A case study on the Coliseum, Rome, using hyperspectral imaging fluorescence lidars, pp. 106-115
  • Fabrizio Antonelli, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Stefano Cancelliere, David Dessandier, Volubilis (Meknes, Morocco): Archaeometric study of the white and coloured marbles imported in the Roman age, pp. 116-123
  • Massimiliano Marvasi, Elisabetta Vedovato, Carlotta Balsamo, Azzurra Macherelli, Luigi Dei, Giorgio Mastromei, Brunella Perito, Bacterial community analysis on the Mediaeval stained glass window "Natività" in the Florence Cathedral, pp. 124-133
  • Annarosa Mangone, Lorena C. Giannossa, Caterina Laganara, Rocco Laviano, Angela Traini, Manufacturing expedients in medieval ceramics in Apulia, pp. 134-143
  • Lara Maritan, Ivana Angelini, Gilberto Artioli, Claudio Mazzoli, Massimo Saracino, Secondary phosphates in the ceramic materials from Frattesina (Rovigo, North-Eastern Italy), pp. 144-151
  • Abu Bakr Moussa, Nikolaos Kantiranis, Kontantinos S. Voudouris, John A. Stratis, Mona F. Ali, Vasilios Christaras, Diagnosis of weathered Coptic wall paintings in the Wadi El Natrun region, Egypt, pp. 152-157