sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 10, n.º 3, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o 3.º número de 2009 da revista Journal of Cultural Heritage.


  • Konrad Zehnder, Odilo Schoch, Efflorescence of mirabilite, epsomite and gypsum traced by automated monitoring on-site, pp. 319-330
  • Giorgio Luciano, Riccardo Leardi, Paola Letardi, Principal component analysis of colour measurements of patinas and coating systems for outdoor bronze monuments, pp. 331-337
  • José Manuel Barros García, Recording stratigraphic relationships among non-original deposits on a 16th century painting, pp. 338-346
  • Scilla Grassi, Monica Favaro, Patrizia Tomasin, Luigi Dei, Nanocontainer aqueous systems for removing polymeric materials from marble surfaces: A new and promising tool in cultural heritage conservation, pp. 347-355
  • Cecilia Sanna, Armida Sodo, Giuseppe Laguzzi, Giovanna Mancini, Marina Bicchieri, Tert-butyl amine borane complex: An unusual application of a reducing agent on model molecules of cellulose based materials, pp. 356-361
  • Nick Konkol, Chris McNamara, Joe Sembrat, Mark Rabinowitz, Ralph Mitchell, Enzymatic decolorization of bacterial pigments from culturally significant marble, pp. 362-366
  • Eva Kotulanová, Petr Bezdicka, David Hradil, Janka Hradilová, Silvie Svarcová, Tomás Grygar, Degradation of lead-based pigments by salt solutions, pp. 367-378
  • Sara Bianchin, Monica Favaro, Pietro Alessandro Vigato, Guido Botticelli, Gioia Germani, Silvia Botticelli, The scientific approach to the restoration and monitoring of mural paintings at S. Girolamo Chapel - SS. Annunziata Church in Florence, pp. 379-387
  • Giacomo Cipriani, Antonella Salvini, Luigi Dei, Azzurra Macherelli, Francesco Saverio Cecchi, Carlo Giannelli, Recent advances in swollen-state NMR spectroscopy for the study of drying oils, pp. 388-395
  • Teresa Cerchiara, Giuseppe Chidichimo, Maria Caterina Gallucci, Rita Ferraro, Danilo Vuono, Alfonso Nastro, Use of Spanish broom (Spartium junceum L.) canvas as a painting support: Evaluation of the effects of environmental conditions, pp. 396-402
  • Noemi Carmona, Katrin Wittstadt, Hannelore Römich, Consolidation of paint on stained glass windows: Comparative study and new approaches, pp. 403-409
  • Peter Brimblecombe, David Thickett, Young Hun Yoon, The cementation of coarse dust to indoor surfaces, pp. 410-414
  • Gregory Dale Smith, Robert J. Klinshaw II, The presence of trapped carbon dioxide in lapis lazuli and its potential use in geo-sourcing natural ultramarine pigment, pp. 415-421
  • Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, Céline Egasse, Martine Regert, Yong-Jae Chung, Bertrand Lavédrine, Characterization and degradation pathways of ancient Korean waxed papers, pp. 422-427
  • Ana Catarina Pinheiro, Maria Filomena Macedo, Risk assessment: A comparative study of archive storage rooms, pp. 428-434
  • Maria-Luisa Carvalho, Marta Manso, Sofia Pessanha, Ana Guilherme, Fernando Rodrigues Ferreira, Quantification of mercury in XVIII century books by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF), pp. 435-438
  • Noemí Carmona, María Angeles Villegas, Pedro Jiménez, Julio Navarro, Manuel García-Heras, Islamic glasses from Al-Andalus. Characterisation of materials from a Murcian workshop (12th century AD, Spain), pp. 439-445

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