segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 10, n.º 4, 2009

Acabou de ser publicado o n.º 4, do volume 10, da revista Journal of Cultural Heritage, de 2009. Está disponível aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • Eleni Mikropoulou, Euphoria Tsatsaroni, Evangelia A. Varella, Revival of traditional European dyeing techniques yellow and red colorants, pp. 447-457
  • Eugene Ch'ng, Experiential archaeology: Is virtual time travel possible?, pp. 458-470
  • Muhammad El-Gohary, Experimental tests used for treatment of red weathering crusts in disintegrated granite - Egypt, pp. 471-479
  • Donato Abruzzese, Lorenzo Miccoli, Jianli Yuan, Mechanical behavior of leaning masonry Huzhu Pagoda, pp. 480-486
  • Davoud Agha-Aligol, Parvin Oliaiy, Mohammad Mohsenian, Mohammad Lamehi-Rachti, Farah Shokouhi, Provenance study of ancient Iranian luster pottery using PIXE multivariate statistical analysis, pp. 487-492
  • Konrad Zehnder, Alexander Voûte, Monitoring detaching murals in the convent of Müstair (Switzerland) by mirror micrometry, pp. 493-500
  • Emiliano Carretti, Marco Milano, Luigi Dei, Piero Baglioni, Noninvasive physicochemical characterization of two 19th century English ferrotypes, pp. 501-508
  • Davide Alfano, Alexandra Romina Albunia, Oriana Motta, Antonio Proto, Detection of diagenetic alterations by Spectroscopic Analysis on Archaeological Bones from the Necropolis of Poseidonia (Paestum): A case study, pp. 509-513
  • Paolo Cavagnero, Roberto Revelli, Numerical model application for the restoration of the Racconigi Royal Park (CN, Italy), pp. 514-519
  • Sylaiou Styliani, Liarokapis Fotis, Kotsakis Kostas, Patias Petros, Virtual museums, a survey and some issues for consideration, pp. 520-528