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Restaurator, vol. 31. n.º 3-4, 2010

Acabou de ser publicada a revista Restaurator, vol. 31. n.º 3-4, de 2010.

Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui [acesso condicionado].


  • Jerzy Stankiewicz, Introduction, pp. 162-163
  • Gerhard Banik, Irene Brückle, Principles of Water Absorption and Desorption in Cellulosic Materials, pp. 164-177
  • Sebastian Barteleit, EURANED: An European Initiative in Disaster Prevention and Disaster Management, pp. 178-183
  • Karen L. Pavelka, An Update on AIC-CERT, pp. 184-194
  • France Saïe-Belaïsch, Water and Archives Buildings, pp. 195-206
  • Grazyna Piotrowicz, Polish Libraries and Archives during the Great Flood of 1997 and after, pp. 207-221
  • Jirí Neuvirt, Universal Drying Chamber for Flood-Damaged Paper Objects, pp. 222-245
  • Petr Kotlík, Methods of Removal from Previously Flooded Buildings, pp. 246-264
  • Hannah Singer, Evacuating the High Bay Racking System at the Albertina Museum in Vienna after a Water Entry in June 2009, pp. 265-285
  • Dirk Schönbohm, Eva Glück, Michael Kühner, Gerhard Banik, Protective Enclosures for Art on Paper, Archives and Library Materials, pp. 286-303