quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Uma panorâmica da pesquisa actual sobre a conservação da pedra

Segundo a editora, só no próximo mês será posto à venda o livro seguinte:

Eric Doehne, Clifford A. Price, Stone Conservation: An Overview of Current Research, 2.ª ed., Los Angeles, The Getty Conservation Institute, 2010.

No entanto, o livro já está livremente disponível na internet, aqui.

A primeira edição, publicada em 1996, da autoria de C. A. Price, também está disponível online, aqui.


  • Stone decay
    • Characterizing the stone
    • Describing decay
    • How serious is it? Measuring the extent and severity of decay
    • Causes of decay
  • Putting it right: preventive and remedial treatments
    • Preventive conservation
    • Active conservation: cleaning
    • Active conservation: desalination
    • Active conservation: consolidation
    • Surface coatings
  • Do they work? Assessing the effectiveness of treatments
    • Characterizing the treated stone
    • Long-term performance
  • Putting it into practice: conservation policy
    • Responsible use of surface coatings and consolidants
    • Retreatment
    • Recording
  • Heritage in stone: rock art, quarries, and replacement stone
    • Rock art
    • Historic quarries
    • Replacement stone
  • Doing better: increasing the effectiveness of research
    • What is wrong?
    • Putting it right
  • What has changed? Some thoughts on the past fifteen years
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix: resources for stone conservation
  • Index
  • About the authors