sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 12, n.º 4, 2011

Acabou de ser publicada a revista Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 12, n.º 4, de 2011.

Os artigos estão disponíveis aqui (acesso condicionado).


  • Mady Elias, Nadejda Mas, Pascal Cotte, Review of several optical non-destructive analyses of an easel painting. Complementarity and crosschecking of the results, pp. 335-345
  • Enrico Sassoni, Sonia Naidu, George W. Scherer, The use of hydroxyapatite as a new inorganic consolidant for damaged carbonate stones, pp. 346-355
  • Lavinia de Ferri, Pier Paolo Lottici, Andrea Lorenzi, Angelo Montenero, Emma Salvioli-Mariani, Study of silica nanoparticles - polysiloxane hydrophobic treatments for stone-based monument protection, pp. 356-363
  • Jean-Marc Tulliani, Alessandra Formia, Marco Sangermano, Organic-inorganic material for the consolidation of plaster, pp. 364-371
  • Claudia Conti, Chiara Colombo, David Dellasega, Mauro Matteini, Marco Realini, Giuseppe Zerbi, Ammonium oxalate treatment: Evaluation by mu-Raman mapping of the penetration depth in different plasters, pp. 372-379
  • Maryam Afsharpour, Fereshteh T. Rad, Hamid Malekian, New cellulosic titanium dioxide nanocomposite as a protective coating for preserving paper-art-works, pp. 380-383
  • Ligia Maria Moretto, Emilio Francesco Orsega, Gian Antonio Mazzocchin, Spectroscopic methods for the analysis of celadonite and glauconite in Roman green wall paintings, pp. 384-391
  • Marian I. Totolin, Iordana Neamtu, Positive findings for plasma polymer (meth)acrylate thin films in heritage protective applications, pp. 392-398
  • Emil Ghiocel Ioanid, Aurelia Ioanid, Dorina Emilia Rusu, Carmen-Mihaela Popescu, Iuliana Stoica, Surface changes upon high-frequency plasma treatment of heritage photographs, pp. 399-407
  • Xiaomei Zhang, Ina Vanden Berghe, Paul Wyeth, Heat and moisture promoted deterioration of raw silk estimated by amino acid analysis, pp. 408-411
  • Harby E. Ahmed, Yassin E. Ziddan, A new approach for conservation treatment of a silk textile in Islamic Art Museum, Cairo, pp. 412-419
  • Beatriz Prieto, Perla Ferrer, Patricia Sanmartín, Victor Cárdenes, Benita Silva, Color characterization of roofing slates from the Iberian Peninsula for restoration purposes, pp. 420-430
  • Françoise Viénot, Guillaume Coron, Bertrand Lavédrine, LEDs as a tool to enhance faded colours of museums artefacts, pp. 431-440
  • Franco Sandrolini, Elisa Franzoni, Enrico Sassoni, Pier Paolo Diotallevi, The contribution of urban-scale environmental monitoring to materials diagnostics: A study on the Cathedral of Modena (Italy), pp. 441-450
  • Allen M. Gontz, Christopher V. Maio, Ekaterina K. Wagenknecht, Ellen P. Berkland, Assessing threatened coastal sites: Applications of ground-penetrating radar and geographic information systems, pp. 451-458
  • Laurence Hauttekeete, Tom Evens, Katrien De Moor, Dimitri Schuurman, Erik Mannens, Rik Van de Walle, Archives in motion: Concrete steps towards the digital disclosure of audiovisual content, pp. 459-465
  • Dimitrios Tsolis, Spyros Sioutas, Michalis Nik Xenos, Georgios Styliaras, Copyright and IPR management for cultural heritage digital content in peer-to-peer networks, pp. 466-475
  • Alberto Guarnieri, Antonio Vettore, Martina Camarda, Costantino Domenica, Automatic registration of large range datasets with spin-images, pp. 476-484
  • Patrizia Tassinari, Daniele Torreggiani, Stefano Benni, Enrica Dall'Ara, Giovanni Pollicino, The FarmBuiLD model (farm building landscape design): First definition of parametric tools, pp. 485-493