sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 3, 2011

Acabou de ser publicada a revista Studies in Conservation, vol. 56, n.º 3, de 2011.


  • Alice Cannon, A Review of Lining Methods for Paper-based Photographic Prints from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, p. 167
  • Alice Boccia Paterakis, Laramie Hickey-Friedman, Stabilization of Iron Artifacts from Kaman-Kalehoyuk: A Comparison of Chemical and Environmental Methods, p. 179
  • Rika Kigawa, Tom Strang, Noriko Hayakawa, Naoto Yoshida, Hiroshi Kimura, Gregory Young, Investigation of Effects of Fumigants on Proteinaceous Components of Museum Objects (Muscle, Animal and Silk) in Comparison with Other Non-chemical Pest Eradicating Measures, p. 191
  • Elli Kampasakali, Bronwyn Ormsby, Antonino Cosentino, Costanza Miliani, Tom Learner, A Preliminary Evaluation of the Surfaces of Acrylic Emulsion Paint Films and the Effects of Wet-cleaning Treatment by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), p. 216
  • Jan Wouters, Cecily M. Grzywacz, Ana Claro, A Comparative Investigation of Hydrolysis Methods to Analyze Natural Organic Dyes by HPLC-PDA, p. 231