quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 13, n.º 1, 2012

Acabou de ser publicado o 1.º número de 2012 da revista Journal of Cultural Heritage.

Está aqui temporariamente com acesso livre.


  • Paul Lankester, Peter Brimblecombe, Future thermohygrometric climate within historic houses, pp. 1-6
  • Luisa Berto, Tommaso Favaretto, Anna Saetta, Fabrizio Antonelli, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Assessment of seismic vulnerability of art objects: The “Galleria dei Prigioni” sculptures at the Accademia Gallery in Florence, pp. 7-21
  • Lise Stengaard Hansen, Monika Åkerlund, Terje Grøntoft, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen, Anne Lisbeth Schmidt, Jan-Erik Bergh, Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen, Future pest status of an insect pest in museums, Attagenus smirnovi: Distribution and food consumption in relation to climate change, pp. 22-27
  • Beatriz Trinchão Andrade, Olga Regina Pereira Bellon, Luciano Silva, Alexandre Vrubel, Digital preservation of Brazilian indigenous artworks: Generating high quality textures for 3D models, pp. 28-39
  • Valeria Daniele, Giuliana Taglieri, Synthesis of Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles with the addition of Triton X-100. Protective treatments on natural stones: Preliminary results, pp. 40-46
  • Leonidas Alexandros S. Kouris, Andreas J. Kappos, Detailed and simplified non-linear models for timber-framed masonry structures, pp. 47-58
  • Daniele Torreggiani, Patrizia Tassinari, Landscape quality of farm buildings: The evolution of the design approach in Italy, pp. 59-68
  • Ferhat Karaca, Zeynep Öztürk, Ground level ozone exposure and distribution over the historical Peninsula of Istanbul, pp. 69-76
  • Oihana García, Katarina Malaga, Definition of the procedure to determine the suitability and durability of an anti-graffiti product for application on cultural heritage porous materials, pp. 77-82
  • Costanza Cucci, Marcello Picollo, Muriel Vervat, Trans-illumination and trans-irradiation with digital cameras: Potentials and limits of two imaging techniques used for the diagnostic investigation of paintings, pp. 83-88
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